Earnreader.net Review | Real or Scam?

Earnreader.net is a recently launched online platform that offers Nigerians the opportunity to earn money by reading novels. It positions itself as an innovative company based in the United Kingdom, providing high-quality English novel reading services through a shared economy model. The platform operates on a membership system, where users pay a fee to become members and, in turn, make money by reading novels. The amount earned per novel is contingent on the chosen membership plan.

How to Join Earnreader.net

Joining Earnreader.net is a straightforward process. To get started, you need to visit their website at https://earnreader.net. Once there, you can explore the platform and find an invitation URL to join. Keep in mind that Earnreader.net requires a minimum deposit of 5,000 naira to become a member. The registration process appears user-friendly, allowing individuals to quickly sign up and access the platform’s money-making opportunities.

How to Make Money on Earnreader.net

The primary way to earn money on Earnreader.net is by reading novels. The more novels you read, the more money you can make. The platform operates on a daily income system, where members can earn a specified amount for each novel read. The membership plans determine the rewards per novel, and users can choose the plan that best suits their preferences and financial goals.

Earnreader.net Investment Plans

Earnreader.net offers various membership plans with different features and benefits. The plans are tiered based on the amount of the initial deposit. Here is an overview of the membership plans:

  1. Free Membership (Price: 0 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 2
    • Reward Per Novel: 50
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 100
    • Membership Period: 2 days
  2. Basic Membership (Price: 5,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 2
    • Reward Per Novel: 100
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 200
    • Membership Period: 75 days
  3. Intermediate Membership (Price: 25,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 4
    • Reward Per Novel: 250
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 1,000
    • Membership Period: 75 days
  4. Advanced Membership (Price: 100,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 5
    • Reward Per Novel: 800
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 4,000
    • Membership Period: 75 days
  5. Professional Membership (Price: 300,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 6
    • Reward Per Novel: 2,000
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 12,000
    • Membership Period: 75 days
  6. Premium Membership (Price: 600,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 6
    • Reward Per Novel: 4,000
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 24,000
    • Membership Period: 75 days
  7. Ultimate Membership (Price: 1,500,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 8
    • Reward Per Novel: 7,500
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 60,000
    • Membership Period: 75 days
  8. Enterprise Membership (Price: 3,000,000 NGN)
    • Ads Per Day: 10
    • Reward Per Novel: 12,000
    • Ads Reward Per Day: 120,000
    • Membership Period: 75 days

Each membership plan comes with its own set of benefits, and users can choose the one that aligns with their preferences and financial capabilities.

Make Money on Earnreader.net Through Referrals

In addition to earning money by reading novels, Earnreader.net provides an opportunity to boost your income through referrals. Members can refer others to join the platform and earn referral commissions. The exact percentage of referral commissions is not provided in the information, but it adds an extra avenue for members to increase their earnings.

Is Earnreader.net Legit or Scam?

Despite the enticing offers presented by Earnreader.net, there are red flags that raise concerns about the platform’s legitimacy:

  1. Ponzi Scheme Operation: The platform is flagged as operating a ponzi website, which can be a significant risk for participants.
  2. Unrealistic Offers: Earnreader.net makes offers that seem too good to be true, a common characteristic of potentially fraudulent schemes.
  3. Lack of Clear Risk Management Information: The platform fails to provide clear information about its risk management strategies, leaving users in the dark about how their investments are protected.

Considering these red flags, it is advisable for potential users to exercise caution and thoroughly research before investing in Earnreader.net. Ponzi schemes can be risky, and there is a possibility of financial loss.

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