Ab1nbvesite.autos Review | Legit or Scam?

Are you looking forward to invest in a brewery company, then checkout this new HYIP. Ab1nbvesite.autos emerges as a unique and intriguing platform. This new player in the investment arena promises to be more than just an avenue for financial gain; it’s a brewing company with a vision. In this review, we’ll delve into what Ab1nbvesite.autos is all about, how to get on board, ways to generate income, explore its investment plans, understand the referral system, and, most importantly, address the critical question: Is Ab1nbvesite.autos a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam?

How to Join Ab1nbvesite.autos

Getting Started with Ab1nbvesite.autos

Joining Ab1nbvesite.autos is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started on your journey to potential financial gains:

  1. Create an Account: To embark on your Ab1nbvesite.autos adventure, begin by registering on the platform. By using the registration link provided, you’ll also receive a welcoming bonus of 100 naira.
  2. Login and Explore: After creating your account, log in. Once logged in, you’ll find a list of available investment plans waiting for your consideration.
  3. Choose Your Plan: Review the investment plans thoroughly. Each plan comes with its unique features and conditions. Select the one that aligns with your investment goals and click on it to access the details.
  4. Payment: Upon selecting your desired plan, you’ll be directed to a payment page. Here, you can complete your investment by making the required payment.
  5. Activation and Earnings: Once the payment is confirmed, your chosen investment plan will be activated, and you’ll start earning daily returns for the next 100 days.

How to Make Money on Ab1nbvesite.autos

Unlocking Earning Potential

Earning money on Ab1nbvesite.autos is designed to be accessible and lucrative. The platform offers a range of investment options, each with its duration, daily return rate, and price. Here are the investment plans Ab1nbvesite.autos has to offer:

  1. Brahma: Invest ₦3000 for 100 days and receive a daily return of 26%. Total revenue: ₦780, a whopping 2600% in returns.
  2. Aguila: For ₦6000, you’ll enjoy a 27% daily return over 100 days. Your total revenue will be ₦1620, equal to 2700% returns.
  3. Cass: Invest ₦12000 in the Cass plan and earn a daily return of 28% for 100 days. Your total revenue will be ₦3360, equivalent to 2800% returns.
  4. Castle: A ₦30000 investment in Castle offers a daily return of 30% over 100 days, resulting in a total revenue of ₦9000 (3000%).
  5. Corona: Invest ₦60000 in the Corona plan and enjoy a daily return of 32% for 100 days. Your total revenue will be ₦19200, reflecting 3200% in returns.
  6. Budweiser: For ₦120000, you’ll receive a daily return of 35% over 100 days, totaling ₦42000 (3500%).
  7. Beck’s: Invest ₦300000 in Beck’s and earn a daily return of 38% for 100 days. Your total revenue will be ₦114000, equivalent to 3800% returns.
  8. Hoegaarden: The highest-tier plan, Hoegaarden, requires a ₦600000 investment. You’ll enjoy an impressive daily return of 42% over 100 days, resulting in a total revenue of ₦252000 (4200%).

Making Money Through Referrals

Harnessing the Power of Referrals

Ab1nbvesite.autos also offers you the opportunity to increase your earnings through its referral program. By referring friends and acquaintances to the platform, you can earn bonuses based on their activity. Here’s a breakdown of how the referral system works:

  • Level 1 Referrals: You receive 30% of the recharge amount made by your Level 1 referrals as a bonus.
  • Level 2 Referrals: For Level 2 referrals, you earn 4% of their recharge amount as a bonus.
  • Level 3 Referrals: With Level 3 referrals, you’ll receive 1% of their recharge amount as a bonus.

Is Ab1nbvesite.autos Legit or a Scam?

One of the most crucial aspects of any investment opportunity is its legitimacy. Ab1nbvesite.autos, launched on 22/9/2023, is relatively new to the scene. It presents itself as a brewing company, aiming to raise funds for expanding its business. The promise is alluring – daily returns ranging from 26% to 42%, generated from the sales of the beer and drinks it produces.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution when considering such investment platforms. Ab1nbvesite.autos is categorized as a ponzi scheme, a type of investment scheme that relies on the funds of new investors to pay returns to earlier investors. While you might see immediate returns, there’s always the risk of the scheme collapsing.

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