Review | Legit or Scam? is a platform where you can make money online through affiliate marketing. It operates on a 100% commission-based model, meaning users earn money by referring others to join the platform using their unique referral link. Additionally, the platform offers tutorials on social media advertising, allowing users to learn how to run ads for free to attract more referrals. Users also have the option to hire social media marketers to run Facebook and Instagram ads on their behalf.

How to Join

To join, you need to register a new account with this registration link, and then become an affiliate by activating a minimum referral plan of ₦1,000 or $1. Once you have activated your plan, you can share your referral link with friends and family to earn a 100% commission (₦1,000 or $1) for each person who joins using your link.

How to Make Money on

The primary way to make money on is through referrals. By sharing your referral link and encouraging others to join the platform, you can earn commissions on their memberships. There are different affiliate plans available, starting from ₦1,000, and as you refer more people and they upgrade their plans, you can earn higher commissions. Investment Plans offers various investment plans, starting from ₦1,000. Users can start with the minimum plan and earn commissions on each referral. As they refer more people and upgrade their plans, they can unlock higher commissions. There are limits to each plan, and users are encouraged to upgrade to unlock additional earning opportunities.

Make Money on through Referrals

The referral program on allows users to earn commissions by referring others to join the platform. Users can start with the minimum plan and earn commissions on each referral. As they refer more people and those referrals upgrade their plans, users can earn higher commissions. The platform provides tutorials on how to run effective Facebook ads to attract more referrals.

Is Legit or Scam?

While offers opportunities to make money through referrals, it is important to note that it operates on a commission-based model and relies on the recruitment of new users to sustain payouts. Some may consider this type of platform to resemble a Ponzi scheme, where funds from new users are used to pay older users. As such, there are risks associated with participating in such schemes, as they may not be sustainable in the long term and could potentially collapse at any time. Users should exercise caution and consider the risks before investing time and money into or similar platforms.

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