Aprico.net.ng Review | Legit or Scam?

Aprico.net.ng, also known as Aprico Algo, is an emerging investment platform in Nigeria. Unlike traditional investment platforms, Aprico.net.ng operates on a task-to-earn model. Users can make money by completing tasks offered by the platform. It’s a simple concept: do tasks and get paid.

How to Join Aprico.net.ng

Getting started with Aprico.net.ng is a breeze. To begin making money, you need to subscribe to a membership plan. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Choose Your Plan: Aprico.net.ng offers various membership types, catering to different budgets and earning goals. The plans range from Starter to Golden, with prices ranging from 2,500 naira to 70,000 naira.

2. Task Limits: Depending on your chosen plan, you’ll have access to a specific number of tasks per day. The more expensive the plan, the more tasks you can complete daily.

3. Earnings: Each task you complete typically earns you between 300 to 400 naira. So, the more tasks you complete daily, the more you stand to earn.

For instance, if you opt for the Starter Plan at 2,500 naira, you can complete one task per day, earning around 300 naira. Over 15 days, that’s a potential 4,500 naira in earnings. On the other hand, the Golden Plan at 70,000 naira allows you to complete 25 tasks daily, potentially earning 7,500 naira daily for 15 days.

How to Make Money on Aprico.net.ng

Your earnings on Aprico.net.ng primarily depend on your chosen membership plan and how many tasks you complete daily. The more tasks you complete, the more you can earn. It’s essential to note that consistency is key to maximize your profits.

Aprico.net.ng Investment Plans

Here’s a quick overview of the available membership plans on Aprico.net.ng:

  • Starter Plan: 2,500 naira, 1 task daily, 15 days
  • Basic Plan: 5,000 naira, 3 tasks daily, 15 days
  • Intermediate Plan: 10,000 naira, 5 tasks daily, 15 days
  • Advanced Plan: 20,000 naira, 10 tasks daily, 15 days
  • Investor Plan: 50,000 naira, 20 tasks daily, 15 days
  • Golden Plan: 70,000 naira, 25 tasks daily, 15 days

Choose a plan that aligns with your budget and goals, but exercise caution and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Make Money on Aprico.net.ng through Referrals

Aprico.net.ng also provides an opportunity to boost your earnings through referrals. By referring others to the platform, you can earn a commission on their investments and task completions. This is a common strategy among similar platforms to incentivize user recruitment.

Is Aprico.net.ng Legit or Scam?

Aprico.net.ng is a ponzi scheme. Avoid it so you dont loose your money.

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