Review | Legit or Scam? is a platform that claims to offer a unique opportunity for individuals to invest in football stadiums worldwide and earn a stable income. Launched on February 17, 2024, the platform boasts of providing long-term and steady income streams to its users.

How to Join

Joining is relatively straightforward. You can visit their website at and sign up using the provided registration link. Upon signing up, new users receive a welcome bonus of 600 naira. The minimum deposit required to start investing is 3,000 naira.

How to Make Money on

There are several ways to make money on

  1. Users can receive a 10-day experience product for free, with a full-term income of ₦600.
  2. Investing in football stadiums or funds can increase long-term income.
  3. Inviting friends to register and rewarding ₦10 per referral.
  4. Receiving investment rebate income (10% for level 1, 4% for level 2, 1% for level 3) on the team’s first recharge.
  5. Earning team daily commission income (5% for level 1, 3% for level 2, 1% for level 3).
  6. Participating in the lucky wheel for a chance to win ₦30,000 in rewards. Investment Plans offers various investment plans with different levels of daily and total income:

  • Allianz Arena: ₦60.00 (Daily Income: ₦600.00)
  • Ataturk Olympic Stadium: ₦120.00 (Daily Income: ₦7,800.00, Total Income: ₦3,000.00)
  • Bernabeu Stadium: ₦600.00 (Daily Income: ₦39,000.00, Total Income: ₦15,000.00)
  • El Madrigal Stadium: ₦1,400.00 (Daily Income: ₦91,000.00, Total Income: ₦35,000.00)

Make Money on Through Referrals

Users can increase their financial income by inviting friends to join They receive registration rewards, investment rebates, and long-term commission rewards for every successful referral.

Is Legit or Scam?

Despite its promises of lucrative returns, exhibits several red flags indicating that it may be a scam:

  • The platform is accused of being a ponzi scheme with no real stadiums.
  • It provides fake customer service numbers and lacks a verifiable business address.
  • Investors are allegedly pressured to reinvest their earnings rather than withdraw them.

Based on these red flags, it is prudent to approach with caution and skepticism. It appears to be a potential scam rather than a legitimate investment opportunity.

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