Review | Legit or Scam? is a recently introduced platform for investment. It is related to AXA, a well-known Nigerian insurance company that operates globally. The platform aims to foster entrepreneurship and support disadvantaged communities by allowing investors to participate in the insurance business and distribute profits fairly. It was launched on October 16, 2023, as part of AXA Group’s strategic plan for integrated global development.

How to join

Joining is simple. You can sign up on the official Telegram channel and claim a welcoming bonus of #200. Furthermore, you can invite your friends by sharing the QR code or referral link to earn commissions and bonuses. It is important to contact customer service within the system if there are any issues related to deposit visibility on the dashboard to avoid potential scams.

How to make money on

Earning money through is achievable through various methods:

  1. Investing in different AXA insurance packages results in varying incomes. The more packages you invest in, the more you can earn.
  2. Referring friends to invest can earn you a direct commission of 20% of their investment amount. Additionally, if your friends refer others, you can indirectly receive a 5% commission.
  3. Becoming an AXA broker can also lead to a substantial income. For further details, it is recommended to get in touch with the investment director of AXA. investment plans

The platform offers a range of investment plans with different durations and profit margins. These include health insurance, traffic insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, property insurance, life pension insurance, and business insurance. Each plan has its own duration, profit percentage, and investment price, allowing investors to choose according to their preferences and financial capabilities.

Make money on through referrals

By recommending the platform to others, you can earn commissions and bonuses. Sharing the referral link or QR code with your friends can result in automatic commissions of 20% of their investment amount. Additionally, if your referred friends bring in further investments, you will receive a bonus of 5% of the investment amount.

Is Legit or Scam?

It is a Ponzi scheme and its paying at the moment.

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