Review | Legit or Scam? is a newly launched investment platform thats becoming popular lately. claims to be a professional local tourism and life service platform operating in Nigeria. With a focus on utilizing digital technology applications, aims to offer more convenient and enhanced travel services to the public. Positioned as a crucial element of the city’s slow travel transportation system, the platform not only addresses the “last mile” travel issue but also promotes the concept of environmentally friendly cycling.

How to Join

Joining seems straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Click on this registration link to create an account on the platform.
  2. Fill in your personal details and hit the register button.
  3. Log in to your dashboard, access the product menu at the bottom, and select the investment product of your choice.
  4. Initiate the purchase process for your chosen product.
  5. You will receive an account number to make the required payment.
  6. After the payment, your chosen product will be activated, and you can start earning daily.

How to Make Money from claims to offer an enticing investment opportunity, with potential returns of up to 10% daily on your investment. For instance, if you invest 1,000 naira, you could earn 100 naira daily. Here are the 2 ways in which you can make money on

  1. Investment Plans: offers various investment plans that promise substantial daily returns on your investment.
  2. Referral Program: Invite friends and acquaintances to join and earn rewards. You can receive 3 naira for every successful referral, and for higher-level referrals, you can get up to 150 naira. Moreover, if your referrals invest in capital, you can earn a percentage of their investment amount.

Is Legit or Scam?

Here’s where things take a turn., unfortunately, appears to be a scam. The platform is impersonating a reputable Finland-based company called Beebike (, which is genuinely involved in the bicycle industry. The original Beebike operates as a bicycle shop and maintenance center in Finland, catering to various brands and models of bicycles.

The claims and promises made by, including the extraordinary daily returns, should raise serious red flags. Moreover, the platform’s attempt to copy the identity of a legitimate business adds to its dubious nature.

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