Black Axe Orientation Question And Answer (NBM, Aiye)

The Black Axe cult also known as Neo Black movement or aiye confraternity is a powerful and respected organization that operates in Nigeria and beyond. They have a reputation for being fearless and ruthless, and they command a great deal of respect and fear from the people in their territories. The group is known for its strict codes of conduct, which include secrecy, loyalty, and discipline. Black Axe members are highly trained and skilled in various forms of combat and are not afraid to use violence to achieve their goals. The group’s initiation ceremonies involve a series of tests and challenges designed to prove the initiates’ loyalty and courage. Overall, the Black Axe cult is a force to be reckoned with and commands respect from all who encounter them.

During an Eiye initiation, members may be asked various questions such as:

  • What do you seek to gain from joining the Eiye?
  • Will you obey all orders given to you by the Eiye leaders?
  • Will you keep the secrets of the Eiye and never reveal them to outsiders?
  • Are you willing to put the Eiye above all else, including your own family and friends?

Answers to these questions may vary, but members typically express a desire to gain power, protection, and respect through their membership in the Eiye. They may also vow to follow all orders given to them by the Eiye leaders, keep the organization’s secrets, and put the Eiye above all else.

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