Chipper Cash Customer Care Number + Email & Office Address

Chipper Cash Customer Care Number including their email address, head office address in Nigeria is available below for any of their disgruntled customers to contact them and resolve his or her issues.

Chipper Cash is a cross-border payments app, where over 3.5 million people send & receive money in and between Nigeria ??, Kenya ??, South Africa ??, Ghana ??, Uganda ??, Rwanda ??, and Tanzania ??. Enjoy free local transfers and the lowest cross-border rates.

Nigeria Phone Number 254 794 586269
Whatsapp Number 254 794 586269
Email Address,,
Office Address San Francisco, California, United States
Facebook @chippercashapp
Twitter @chippercashapp
Instagram @chippercashapp


Chipper Cash is a financial services company that features a software application platform that enables free instant cross-border mobile money transfers in Africa as easy as sending a text message. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Send & Receive Money
Just say no to massive fees or traveling to a bank or agent just to send and receive money. Instantly transfer between your accounts for free. Get paid faster, with zero fees!

No-Fee Money Transfers?
Move your money between Chipper Cash and any bank, mobile money account absolutely free!

Buy Discounted Airtime?& Earn Cashback
Purchase discounted Airtime and earn 2% or more CashBack instantly. Get Airtime for yourself, or send to a friend ?, even send it internationally!

Pay Bills Instantly for Free
Pay bills?with no extra fees charged. Chipper Bill Pay is so easy, that you may even start paying your friends bills. Bills are a hassle, Chipper is simple, easy and free.


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10 thoughts on “Chipper Cash Customer Care Number + Email & Office Address”

  1. Dear Chipper Team

    I added cash and it’s not reflected on my balance thru Mobile Money


    My name is Okunowo Adedapo Brown, I leave in Lagos Nigeria.

    Two transactions were made into my chipper account stated above since on Friday May 6, 2022 and it’s not reflected on my balance until now. The two transaction was done thru two different Mobile Money below are

    First transaction is from fairmoney bank account #49,300.00

    Second transactions is from palmpay account #3,700.00

    I wanted to use the money to pay my school fee which the exams would start this weekend on May 14 2022

    Please and please kindly help and look into those two transactions why it’s not reflecting in my chipper account.
    Attached below are the two payment evidence done into my chipper account.

    Kindly note
    The money was a loan to me

    Thank you for your understanding

    Okunowo adedapo Brown

    • Hi Good morning
      A client make a transaction into my chipper Wallet and I haven’t been credited since on Monday.

      My wallet account number: 7820565931

      First transaction
      Session ID: 0302310111jtr403
      Transaction ID: 10111jtr403

      Second transaction
      Session ID: 0302310111k73401
      Transaction ID: 10111k73401

      Pls help me out. The money is meant for emergency payment and m getting scare

    • Hello why is chipper cash get bad record, people are not write a good report about you guys, mean why my money is also anging am afraid now

  2. My account was on Frozen with all my money, just because someone who sent money was reported and I don’t know anything about it and it going about 4 months now, and all my money and coins I don’t have access to it anymore please if the situation cannot be solved why don’t you guys just block my account and send me all my money and coins?

  3. Hello… Am making this appeal because of what I have gone through just because I want to withdraw my money. For the past 3 months… I have been making attempt to withdraw with no avail. I started with my dorm account,… when I was told that is not working… I decided to use my naira account even though that will reduce my money drastically. Yet I could not withdraw the money. If you check my history, you will see that I was using this money to trade on your platform. For more than 3 months now my capital has been tied down here without being able to do anything again. The money may look small to you .but that is all I have got to trade with. Can you imagine what I have been going through?? I have made several complaint on this matter and no one is ready to help me.. I’m appealing once again PLEASE HELP ME to get this money out because that is my Capital. If you have a physical office give me the address and I will come..I will really appreciate it if you can help me. Thanks.

  4. My account number is 6056861174
    My withdrawal ID is @godfreyiyere777
    Please chipper cash team refund my missing transaction pls

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