College Relief Fund Review – is legit in Nigeria

College Relief Fund (, or CRF, presents itself as a scholaship platform dedicated to supporting African youths in their pursuit of higher education. They claim to have raised $245,000 in 2019 to provide scholarships for deserving students across African higher institutions. This sounds like a noble cause, but there are some concerning details to consider.

Is College Relief Fund Legit or a Scam?

There are a lot of red flags that suggests that is a scam and we have highlighted them below.

  1. Inconsistent Inception Date: While College Relief Fund claims to have been established in 2018, a WHOIS search of the domain and social media handles suggests that they were created in 2020. This inconsistency in dates is a cause for concern.
  2. Facebook Page Renaming: The renaming of their Facebook page from “The True Love” to “College Relief Fund” in 2020 is unusual for a nonprofit organization. Legitimate organizations typically maintain consistent branding and create new pages if necessary.
  3. Lack of Registration: A search with the Corporate Affairs Commission yielded no results for College Relief Fund. This suggests that they are not registered as a nonprofit or any other legitimate entity.
  4. Questionable Donor Affiliation: Donors listed on the College Relief Fund website have no apparent affiliation with the organization. This lack of verification raises doubts about the legitimacy of their fundraising claims.
  5. No Affiliation Confirmation: Africa Capital Digest, when contacted, stated that they were not affiliated with College Relief Fund and that their logo was being used illegally.


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