Emirates Customer Care Number Nigeria + Office Address & Support Email

If you need to contact emirates customer care, you can get their support email address, office address and whatsapp number so you can clarify your issues with them and also resolve your complaints.

Nigeria Phone Number 23414609949
Whatsapp Number 23414609949
Email Address Email: ekuae@emirates.com (UAE) Email: emirates-on-line@emirates.com (US) Email: ekuk@emirates.com (UK)
Office Address 4th Floor, Churchgate Street, Off Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island Street PC30, Church Gate 1, Lagos
Facebook https://facebook.com/emirates
Twitter https://twitter.com/emirates
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/emirates/
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emirates.ek.android

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About Emirates Airline

Emirates is the biggest Airline based in Dubai, with 3,600 flights each week to over 154 cities in 81 countries across six continents. This airline carries both Dubai and international passengers and scheduled revenue passenger kilometers flown. Emirates is the second largest in terms of freight tonne kilometers flown.

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  1. I haven’t been given my items seen yesterday,the driver is telling me he has a problem with the custom,what should I do.

  2. I was sent a package from my brother in U.S,I was asked to pay 9500 when i payed the money they it’s not complete that it’s 29,500 so just payed the money now and they are telling me to pay the sum 15000 for local duty changes please i need an explanation because i don’t understand

  3. Please this is exactly what i am going through,a package was sent to me from florida,i got that it has arrived yesterday and was told to pay 9,500 first later they say its 29500 which i paid later i was told to send 15,000 to settle some other things,which i did since then no response to my call and messages,i am disturbed right now

    • I was sent a package from my friend in us and I was ask to pay for company clearance which was #39500,which ve paid and they ve not released my package ,and he even pay door step delivery pls what is going on with my package

  4. I was sent a package from my friend from Us I was ask to pay 9500 and I pay it and said I have to pay for local duty and I pay it I haven’t get my package since Saturday morning till now

  5. I was send a package from UK after I paid money for delivery dey say I should paid money for lcd before dey we release the good am confused

  6. My friend sent me good and I was told it as landed in Abuja while am in Lagos and I asked them to send it to my destination and I was told to pay delivery fee before sending the items to me
    I don’t understand
    No payment on delivery

    • I was sent a package from Us and it landed in abuja i request for home delivery because am in bauchi they told me that i should pay 17500 i paid and they told me to pay 11000 for Lcd i still didnt get the package and now they are requesting for money

  7. My friend from England send goods for me since last week Thursday and they told him I will receive the package next day truly next morning I received message that the package is in abuja no 1kuge amuwo I call the customer care will talk and I sent all the money she asked for now have not received any pakage now her nomber is switch off and my friend thought have received it how am I going to do it because she have sent the pictures of the package to me on my WhatsApp nomber all the documents is on my phone number

  8. I was sent a package from California and I was asked to pay for the delivery fee which is #29500 after have done that I was asked to pay for LDC before they can sign my package and deliver to me pls is this true

  9. I friend of mine sent a package to me from Us, I called the number on the ticket and I was asked to pay for delivery fees because the goods landed in Lagos while am in Abuja, I paid 29,500 and I was ask to pay local charge, I have not received my package. Please help me oo

  10. I have paid local duty charges and I was unable to reach customers officer number on receipt, How can I go about this, and I haven’t received my item yet ( His number was switch off) This is not supposed to be?

  11. I have paid my LDC and paid for a doorstep delivery from Lagos and now his contact is not going through and also the customer care blocked my line from calling, what do I do please somebody help because I have spent so much already?

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