Eyen Review | Is Eyen.org Legit or Scam?

Eyen, represented by its website eyen.org, is a platform that promises users a reliable way to earn income by connecting creators with audiences. The primary feature of Eyen is its video-watching functionality, where users can watch videos during their free time and earn money in return. According to the platform, there is a demand for audience engagement from creators and brands, and Eyen aims to bridge this gap by connecting users willing to watch and engage with videos.

The central currency of the Eyen platform is the “EYE TOKEN,” a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate transactions within the platform. This token is not only seen as a means of exchange but also as a tool to foster innovation, empower short video creators globally, and generate a stable additional income for users. The token’s allocation includes various categories such as Airdrop, Liquidity Pool, Market Makers, Community, Operations, Company Reserve, EYE-N Team, Liquidity Mining, and Development planning.

Additionally, early supporters who join the Eyen platform have the opportunity to receive a valuable permanent NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a unique digital asset that holds potential for both income generation and creative opportunities.

How to Join Eyen

Create an Account:

To become a part of the Eyen community, users need to sign up for an account through the registration link. During the registration process, individuals must provide the necessary information.

Install and Open the App:

The Eyen App is essential for accessing the platform. Users can download it from the App Store, install it on their devices, and then open the app to get started.

Watch Videos:

Engaging with video content on Eyen is a straightforward way to earn rewards. Users can watch videos and, in turn, receive compensation for their time and attention.

Participate in the Community:

Joining Eyen’s community allows users to connect with fellow members. Engaging in discussions, sharing thoughts, and providing feedback are encouraged activities within the Eyen community.

Take Advantage of NFT Opportunities:

Early supporters on Eyen have the chance to explore NFT opportunities. Understanding the benefits and potential creative opportunities associated with NFTs is crucial for users aiming to maximize their experience on the platform.

Stay Informed:

Remaining updated on Eyen’s developments, announcements, and any new features is essential. Being aware of events or opportunities to earn ensures users make the most of their time on the platform.

Utilize Eyen Token (EYE TOKEN):

Understanding the functionality of the Eyen Token and exploring ways to earn and use it within the platform is key to navigating the financial aspect of Eyen.

How to Make Money on Eyen

Participate in Airdrops:

Eyen offers free NFT airdrops as a way for users to claim NFTs that hold value in EYE tokens. Keeping an eye out for airdrop announcements is a recommended strategy.

VIP Levels:

Increasing VIP levels on Eyen is tied to inviting more active users to the platform. Higher VIP levels come with increased NFT rewards and daily access to free equipment/tools.


Joining the Mining Army provides opportunities to earn daily. The secret to ascending VIP levels lies in inviting more active users to the Eyen platform.

Referral Program:

Eyen’s referral program allows users to invite others using a unique link or code. Referrers can earn a daily amount for each successful referral, and higher VIP levels bring additional benefits.

NFT Game:

Engaging in the EYEN Game on a daily basis can result in earnings and the accumulation of free NFTs. Users can withdraw their earnings to any crypto wallet.

Engage in the Eyen Community:

Active participation in Eyen groups can lead to additional rewards. Following instructions and engaging in discussions within the community are avenues for users to enhance their earnings.

Sell NFTs:

Exploring the market to sell the NFTs earned on Eyen provides users with an additional avenue for generating income.

Make Money on Eyen Through Referrals

Eyen encourages users to invite others to join the platform through its referral program. Referrers can earn a daily amount for each successful referral, with higher VIP levels unlocking additional benefits. This referral system adds a social aspect to the platform, incentivizing users to share the Eyen experience with their networks.

Is Eyen Legit or Scam?

Based on our review of the Eyen platform, there is no conclusive evidence to label it as a scam. However, it’s essential to note that there are concerns regarding the withdrawal process. The platform claims that users can withdraw their earnings after 45 days of creating their account, but as of now, there haven’t been successful withdrawals reported.

The lack of withdrawal success raises questions about the platform’s transparency and reliability. Users should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before committing time and resources to Eyen. It’s advisable to wait for more verifiable proofs of successful withdrawals before fully trusting the legitimacy of the platform.

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