Fairmoney Customer Care Contact Phone Number + Email & Office Address

if you have been searching for the correct fairmoney Nigeria customer care phone number, whatsapp number, email address and head office address in lagos Nigeria, then you are at the right place.

A lot of people have been asking that where is fairmoney located in lagos, we are happy to inform you that we know the location of all their offices across Nigeria and we would be showing you below.

If you are looking for one of the best instant loan companies in Naija, then fairmoney is the way to go.


Nigeria Phone Number 01 700 1276
Whatsapp Number
Email Address help@fairmoney.ng 
Office Address 8/10 Hakeem Balogun Street · Agidingbi, Ikeja · Lagos · Nigeria
Facebook https://facebook.com/fairmoney.ng/
Twitter https://twitter.com/fairmoney_ng
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fairmoney_ng/
Website https://fairmoney.ng/
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ng.com.fairmoney.fairmoney


FairMoney is a platform that helps people access instant loans within 5 minutes through our android app.

From the corners of Kano, Nigeria to the quarters of Chennai in India, we’re connecting people to prosperity by taking an effective financial product to them.

We’re giving them the loans they need to fuel their dreams and a payment plan that allows them to make their vision a reality.

Download the FairMoney mobile app and get up to ₦500,000 loan sent straight into your FairMoney bank account within minutes. No paperwork. No collateral.

How can I get an instant loan?

You need an Android phone. Download the FairMoney app here from the Google Play Store. Sign up with the phone number linked to your BVN, answer a few questions and confirm your identity to receive a loan offer. If you accept it, you will receive your loan instantly in your preferred bank account!

 An example of a FairMoney loan
Borrow ₦100,000 over 3 months
Interest (total cost of the loan): ₦30,000 (30% rate)
Three monthly repayments: ₦43,333
Total amount payable: ₦130,000
Representative: 120% APR

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45 thoughts on “Fairmoney Customer Care Contact Phone Number + Email & Office Address”

    • Morning, I was not able to pay my loan back due to the breeze or air that opened the roofing of my shop during the heavy rainfall close to 2months ago which I need help by giving me top loans of 50k so that I will be having saving in my wallet that you will be always taking it away from there and i would be happy if my message can be considered and approve thanks

    • I don’t know what kind of stupid fair money bank account is this.my money due date has not expire they have started adding more money to it.are they thinking may be am picking money on the floor.i swear i will delay your payment for not being honest with your transaction with me.
      I wrote in pain
      09029992013 or 09069735415

  1. I went to pay directly to your bank account, but I was told to pay back online and now I can’t get it through.how can I pay back please

  2. I’ve paid yesterday being 26 july 2021 which is my due date around 4:18pm then on trying to apply on 27 july today the last step there didn’t open pls help me on what to do

    • Ok pls I have transfer my balance since yesterday but it has not been received, #25700, what is the problem, last time I paid before the last but I wasn’t remove, I end up paying interest. My account please help check account 8386770550

    • You people of fairmoney are scammers, you are trying to run away with my N102,500. That’s won’t happen, I will see it to the last line except and until my funds is returned. Be expecting my next action.

      • Good afternoon

        I send money 💰to my fair account 500 thousand Naira

        I can see the money in my account

        Pls help me send the money back to my normal account 🙏
        I need it to pay my children school fees this week

        My account number 0006587137

        Name kola akintayo
        Thanks for understanding me

  3. My names are Emmanuel Etim Bassey. I did an extension payment of 3,500 naira. Today. But mistakenly made payment of 3 500 twice making total of 7,000 naira. I want 3,500 naira refund to me. My account gtb 0117316527. Thank you, sir

  4. I am justin Chigozie nkemjika I repaid my loan that I borrowed on Wednesday July 28 2021 but you people are still telling me to pay again, pls check you account well

  5. Please, Fairmoney release my 150,000 that was on incoming transfer and later failed. I’ve contacted the customer care but nothing is done.

    Transaction detail
    Date: August 05

  6. Good morning,
    Fairmoney please check your incoming payment alert very well and stop sending me notice that i should pay up my balance of #31,000 which i had paid on Saturday 7th August,2021.

  7. My brother collected 100,000 but is telling me that he is going to back 150000 in 6month, please is the interest not too much. Haba

  8. Admit I paid your money late,you submitted my name to credit bureau which I don’t know,up till now over some months you don’t clear my detail up there,i don’t understand,what of stress is this?am not happy at all with this situation,pls free my account detail in whatever way you hold my detail,what is this for God sake????

  9. You understand what am saying free my detail and let me have access to any other things,if I could come to Ikeja your primary offiice nor of us will work that day,cos am not happy atall,with this condition,have being complaining thing time without number

  10. Good morning, I’m Daniel Kazuga Yabo.
    I applied for #10000 loan about four days now I didn’t receive alert. Want to Know what is restricting the transaction?

  11. Please help me out I mistakenly transfer money from my fair money account number to me Nwachukwu Austin my account number is 0164269445 and Mr Nwachukwu Austin account number is 0146269445 please help me out

  12. I have been trying to pay the loan borrowed from fair money since last week but it is being reverse back into the account used in transferring it, I have been calling all their contact it is in voicemail recordings none of the agent to speak to for guide. It is frustrating. I need fairmoney agent contact, I need to speak with them directly this is the screenshot of money paid

  13. If I apply newly for a #40,000:00 naira loan after I met all requirements.
    I want the duration for 6 months.
    1.How much will I pay back?
    2. How will they spread the payments for me?

  14. I tried applying for loan but it gets rejected because they keep referring me to my old bvn number which is not In use instead of the current number so what do I do

  15. Oduwale Segun Joseph made a transfer from a particular bank account to fairmoney affiliated with a Wema Bank account for over 24 hours which apparently should either been reverted to my account within 24 hours or dropped. But in the other hand, Fairmoney keeps posting me and exhausting my airtime. You are supposed to be a Reliever to your customers and not a frustrator. You are a total disappointment with no reputation to display.

  16. Day 2 of my money withholding by fairmoney and nothing yet. 24 hours is becoming 48 hours, I tell you that you are making a deal with a dangerous and desperate to do anything guy. Just imagine a lot of your customers you must have scammed all in the name of online banking. I am exceptional. I will see to it that your office is wrecked except and until I have my N105,200

  17. Have paid my due money but trying to apply for another is issue. And after I enter my account details is still not going through. Please help me out with issue.

  18. Please, Fairmoney release my 48000 that was on incoming transfer and later failed. I’ve contacted the customer care but nothing is done yet the account is 7048163412

  19. I paid my loan early enough, 10,350, but it’s yet to clear off…. please try to review and reconcile the situation.
    Gabriel Joshua Izuchukwu

  20. Please I called this number I saw in your app (1885577) and I asked where your Lagos office is and a lady pick the call and said the office is at 28 Pade close off Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, but am seeing a different address here.

  21. fairmony is very unjust very very unfortunate,i took the first loan and paid on time,but when i demanded for second loan the company demanded for my tenancy agreements,my bank statement of account,nin slip,my utility bill and all this documents i provided yet the fairmony still refused to grant my the loan now they are asking for voters card with my current residential address,driving license and tiger teeth.is any of this documents greater than bvn and nin,what is the need of ridiculing people.

  22. Why can’t I make a transfer from my fair money account for the past 3 weeks now why are you guys frustrating people like this why fair money you guys are making my life so miserable.

  23. Somebody sent #500,000 to my fairmoney bank account since yesterday 16th September, 2022. I have not seen the money. Kindly resolve this issue for me.

  24. Pls have paid my loan repayment before due date and I want to apply for another loan but to my surprise I was told that am not eligible for loan at this time pls what can I do to obtain a loan?

  25. Good morning fair money ihave a problem which I want to complain, last month I corrected the some of #15000naira from you after I paid, them you bring me back #7500 and. I steel corrected. after I paid it yesterday today you guys. are steel given me #7500 again why?

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