Review | Legit or Scam? claims to be a lucrative investment platform that can potentially yield substantial returns. It claims it is a new legitimate money-making platform where you can invest in a scheme and earn a huge daily income, or invite your friends to earn commissions.

Launched on September 13, 2023, it boasts of offering Nigerian investors the chance to earn between 25% to 40% in daily returns on their investments. To put it simply, if you invest 10,000 naira, you could potentially earn between 2,500 to 4,000 naira each day. However, before you jump on this enticing offer, it’s crucial to perform due diligence on this platform. That’s why we’re conducting this review – to analyze comprehensively and determine if it’s a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam.

How to Join

Getting started with is straightforward:

  1. Registration: Begin by creating a new account using the registration link provided on the platform.
  2. Fill in Details: Complete the registration process by providing necessary details, including your phone number and login password.
  3. Registration Confirmation: After filling in your details, click the “Register” button to complete your registration.

How to Make Money on offers three primary ways to make money:

1. Making Money Through Investment

Investment is the primary method to earn on The platform offers a range of investment plans to choose from. Once you log in to your dashboard, you’ll find a list of available investment plans. Select the one that suits you and click the “Invest Now” button. This will take you to a payment page where you can make the required deposit. Once the payment is confirmed, your investment plan becomes active, and you start earning.

2. Making Money From Referrals

 There are three levels of referral commissions: 30%, 4% and 1%. Sign up to receive bonus NGN 100 and Free NGN 1000 value products.

You obtain 30% of your level 1 referrals’ recharge amount as your bonus,You obtain 4% of your level 2 referrals’ recharge amount as your bonus,You obtain 1% of your level 3 referrals’ recharge amount as your bonus Investment Plans offers a variety of investment plans, each with its own duration, daily revenue, and total revenue. Here’s an overview of some of the available plans:

  • Oulujoki River System: 90 days, ₦720 daily, ₦64,800 total (Requires ₦3,000 investment)
  • Vuoksi River System: 90 days, ₦1,250 daily, ₦112,500 total (Requires ₦5,000 investment)
  • Gullspångsälven River System: 90 days, ₦2,600 daily, ₦234,000 total (Requires ₦10,000 investment)
  • Klarälven River System: 90 days, ₦8,400 daily, ₦756,000 total (Requires ₦30,000 investment)
  • River System Norsälven: 90 days, ₦15,000 daily, ₦1,350,000 total (Requires ₦50,000 investment)
  • River System Dalälven: 90 days, ₦33,000 daily, ₦2,970,000 total (Requires ₦100,000 investment)
  • River System Indalsälven: 90 days, ₦180,000 daily, ₦16,200,000 total (Requires ₦500,000 investment)
  • Nuojuan Vesivoimalaitos: 90 days, ₦400,000 daily, ₦36,000,000 total (Requires ₦1,000,000 investment)

How to Withdraw on

To initiate a withdrawal on, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Bind Card Details: First, bind your account details by clicking on “Bind Card Details” on your dashboard. Follow the instructions to add your account details.
  2. Minimum Withdrawal: You can request a withdrawal once your account balance reaches the minimum withdrawal amount of 1,000 naira.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme that was launched on September 13, 2023. Currently, the platform is reportedly paying out and users have successfully made withdrawals. However, it’s important to exercise caution when considering investing in such schemes. Ponzi schemes are inherently risky, and while early investors may profit, they often collapse, resulting in losses for later investors.



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