Review | Legit or Scam? is a cutting-edge trading commodity platform introduced by Rhinoer Company, set to launch in the Nigerian market on September 20, 2023. It promises higher returns for both new and existing members, making it an exciting prospect for those looking to explore new avenues of income generation.

Rhinoer Company, a part of the world’s largest commodity trader group, specializes in marketing, production, refining, processing, storage, and transportation of metals, minerals, energy products, and agricultural goods on a global scale. Within this conglomerate, stands as one of the fintech companies, primarily dedicated to investment and financing across various commodities, including metals, agricultural products, and energy resources.

How to Join

Joining is a straightforward process, and here’s how you can get started:

  1. Registration: Begin by registering on the website. This process is user-friendly and takes only a few minutes. After successful registration, you’ll receive a complimentary N500 bonus.
  2. Product Purchase: To kickstart your earnings, you’ll need to purchase a product on the platform. This investment allows you to earn N400 daily.
  3. Minimum Withdrawal: Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal amount is 2k Naira, ensuring you have the flexibility to access your earnings when needed.

How to Make Money on offers several investment plans tailored to different budgets, each with its corresponding daily income and service life. Here’s a breakdown of these plans:

  • Level 1: Investment amount of 9,500 Naira, daily income of 380 Naira, and a service life of 90 days.
  • Level 2: Investment amount of 20,000 Naira, daily income of 580 Naira, and a service life of 365 days.
  • Level 3: Investment amount of 48,000 Naira, daily income of 1,900 Naira, and a service life of 90 days.
  • Level 4: Investment amount of 240,000 Naira, daily income of 9,500 Naira, and a service life of 90 days.
  • Level 5: Investment amount of 71,000 Naira, daily income of 2,150 Naira, and a service life of 365 days.
  • Level 6: Investment amount of 142,000 Naira, daily income of 4,295 Naira, and a service life of 365 days.
  • Level 7: Investment amount of 710,000 Naira, daily income of 21,500 Naira, and a service life of 365 days.
  • Level 8: Investment amount of 1,575,000 Naira, daily income of 52,500 Naira, and a service life of 365 days.
  • Level 9: Investment amount of 4,200,000 Naira, daily income of 140,000 Naira, and a service life of 365 days.

Make Money on through Referrals provides lucrative opportunities for individuals looking to boost their earnings through promotions and referrals. Here’s how you can leverage this aspect of the platform:

Promotion Bonus: By sharing your unique promotional link and inviting friends to sign up and invest in goods, you can earn a promotional bonus of ₦500. Additionally, you can earn bonus commissions on the invested amount based on different levels: Level A (5%), Level B (3%), and Level C (2%).

Salary Bonus: If you manage to invite a specific number of friends to complete their investments, you’ll unlock impressive salary bonuses. For example, inviting 5 friends earns you a bonus of ₦5,000 and a weekly salary of ₦2,500. As you continue to refer more friends, your bonus and weekly salary potential increase significantly.

Is Legit or Scam?

The legitimacy of any investment platform is a crucial concern. To determine whether is a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam, it’s essential to exercise due diligence and consider the following factors:

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