Glovo Nigeria Customer Care Number & Office Address

You can now get access to Glovo Nigeria Customer Care phone Number, email address and Nigeria office address in lagos state. This is very useful to people who have been finding it difficult to contact the glovo company.
Glovo is a delivery company that delivers items such as food, groceries, documents, shops, pharmacies, etc. It provides you with the opportunity to deliver any item all around Nigeria, especially in Lagos state. Its very simple and easy to use, all you need to do is to enter your address and your item would be delivered to you.

With Glovo, you have access to top restaurants near you to order for food, snacks and groceries. All popular restaurants in Lagos state are already registered with glovo at the moment. When you select your prefered restaurant, you can order for your food and it would be delivered with great speed anywhere in Lagos.

Not only do they deliver food, you can also order for your groceries from any supermarket and mini mart close to you.

Glovo also offers employment opportunities to Nigerians to work for them in various capacities like dispatch ridersm employees and partners.

Phone Number  +256205491128
Whatsapp Number  +256205491128
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3 thoughts on “Glovo Nigeria Customer Care Number & Office Address”

  1. Good morning glovo, This is De-crown foods I have a order yesterday which a courier came to my store and pick up the order ,, after he left I realize he did not Punch the pick-up button ,, until another glovo courier came ,,I call the glovo representative on my home immediately to report the issue ,, the courier person use another person number to call me when he was coming to my restaurant which he believe he will be untraceable…. The order code LODFMAHIN ,,, this is the picture of the courier that came to pick it up…he call me with this number when he was coming 09042967237 the order was letter cancelled because he did not delivered the order ….. A froudlent act from courier person

  2. My name is Umeohaekwe pascal ebuka courier ID 137633536 kindly note that this is a mistake of identity/setup because every order i delivered to customer they accept it in good condition so I’m surprised that my account is disabled for an offence that I didn’t commit or have no knowledge about.

    Glovo has been the best platform i have worked and i keep referring riders to glovo on daily basis so why are mine been punish for a crime i didn’t commit, kindly look into this matter as i await for your response/consideration. Thanks

  3. Glovo Good evening, Please how do i Partner with you guys. I don’t have a restaurant but i am capable of making more people to order foods from you, How do i go about this? Thnak you

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