Hap575.com Review | Real or Scam?

Hap575.com is a recently launched investment platform in Nigeria, making its debut on the 18th of November, 2023. Positioned as Nigeria’s first wholly foreign-owned public fund management company, it operates in the realm of public funds, catering to the expanding business landscape in Nigeria. The platform’s web address is https://hap575.com, with an invitation URL at https://www.hap575.com/.

How to Join Hap575.com

Joining Hap575.com is a straightforward process. Visit their official website at https://hap575.com and follow the registration process. To become a part of this platform, you need a minimum investment of N3,000. Once registered, you gain access to various investment plans, each offering different returns based on your chosen fund.

How to Make Money on Hap575.com

Earning on Hap575.com involves investing in their various funds. The platform offers several investment plans, such as Hybrid Funds and Preferred Securities Investment Funds, each with different entry prices, hourly incomes, and periods. For example, Hybrid Fund A, with an investment of N5,000, promises a return of N2,800 every two hours.

Hap575.com Investment Plans

Hap575.com provides a range of investment plans to suit different preferences. Here are some of the available plans:

  1. Hybrid Fund A
    • Investment: N5,000
    • Hourly Income: N2,800
    • Period: 2 Hours
    • Total Revenue: N5,600
  2. Hybrid Fund B
    • Investment: N10,000
    • Hourly Income: N5,600
    • Period: 2 Hours
    • Total Revenue: N11,200
  3. Hybrid Fund C
    • Investment: N30,000
    • Hourly Income: N16,800
    • Period: 2 Hours
    • Total Revenue: N33,600
  4. Hybrid Fund D
    • Investment: N50,000
    • Hourly Income: N29,000
    • Period: 2 Hours
    • Total Revenue: N58,000
  5. Hybrid Fund E
    • Investment: N100,000
    • Hourly Income: N59,000
    • Period: 2 Hours
    • Total Revenue: N118,000
  6. Hybrid Fund F
    • Investment: N300,000
    • Hourly Income: N180,000
    • Period: 2 Hours
    • Total Revenue: N360,000
  7. Preferred Securities Investment Fund A
    • Investment: N3,000
    • Hourly Income: N240
    • Period: 365 Days
    • Total Revenue: N87,600
  8. Preferred Securities Investment Fund B
    • Investment: N6,000
    • Hourly Income: N540
    • Period: 365 Days
    • Total Revenue: N197,100
  9. Preferred Securities Investment Fund C
    • Investment: N15,000
    • Hourly Income: N1,500
    • Period: 365 Days
    • Total Revenue: N547,500
  10. Preferred Securities Investment Fund D
    • Investment: N30,000
    • Hourly Income: N3,300
    • Period: 365 Days
    • Total Revenue: N1,204,500

Choose a plan that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Make Money on Hap575.com through Referrals

Hap575.com offers an additional income stream through its referral program. By inviting friends and other users to join the platform, you can earn referral commissions. The referral commission structure is as follows:

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Level 3: 1%

Encouraging others to invest not only benefits them but also boosts your earnings on the platform.

Is Hap575.com Legit or Scam?

While Hap575.com presents itself as an investment opportunity, there are some red flags that warrant caution. The platform was created by the same individuals behind the Blackrock Ponzi website, which eventually crashed. The use of identical content from the old Blackrock Ponzi website raises concerns about the legitimacy of Hap575.com.

Additionally, the leadership team and founders of Hap575.com remain unknown, casting a shadow over the transparency of the platform. The recent launch of the website on the 18th of November, 2023, adds to the skepticism surrounding its reliability.

It’s essential to note that Hap575.com operates as a Ponzi scheme, impersonating the popular Blackrock investment platform. A Ponzi scheme relies on new investments to pay returns to earlier investors, and such schemes are prone to sudden collapse. Currently, Hap575.com appears to be paying returns, but the inherent risks associated with Ponzi schemes should not be overlooked.

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