Hold The Door Was Famously Said By Which Character?

Hold The Door Was Famously Said By Meera Read and then repeatedly said by Hodor .

In Season 6, Episode 5 from “Game of Thrones”, Meera Reed urgently commands Hodor to “Hold the door” as she and Bran Stark attempt to escape from pursuing wights. Meera’s instruction is a desperate plea to Hodor to block the entrance and protect them from the undead attackers. However, the true significance of the phrase unfolds when Bran inadvertently influences Hodor’s past self through his greenseer abilities. As Bran wargs into young Wylis’s mind, he experiences the traumatic event that will shape Wylis into Hodor, causing him to repeatedly hear Meera’s command as “Hold the door,” which eventually becomes “Hodor” due to his mental breakdown. This moment intertwines past and present, revealing the tragic origin of Hodor’s name and his ultimate sacrifice to save Bran and Meera. Thus, while Meera is the one who initially speaks the phrase, it is Hodor’s echoing repetition of “Hodor” that holds profound narrative significance in the series.

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