How To Print Premium NIN Slip (Plastic ID Card & Paper)

The Improved NIN Slip is a digital token made for people in Nigeria who have a National Identification Number (NIN). It’s designed to be more user-friendly and easy to get. The Improved NIN Slip looks like a small card, similar to a credit card, and it must have an Aztec Barcode to be valid.

This new version is different from the old one. The old one was larger and not easy to carry around. It also had more requirements for verification. But both the old and new slips can still be used as ID in Nigeria.

How To Print Premium NIN Slip

To print your Improved NIN (National Identification Number) Slip, which can serve as a physical means of identification, follow these steps:

Method 1 (Using NIMC MWS Mobile ID App):

  1. Launch the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app on your Android or iOS device. Ensure you have the latest version.
  2. Enter your PIN to access the app.
  3. On the “Home” screen, click “PRINT NIN SLIP.”
  4. Your “USERID” and “OTP” will be auto-filled. Click “Login.”
  5. You’ll be logged into the portal connected to your Mobile ID app.
  6. You can choose between two types of NIN Slips: Premium and Standard. To print the Premium one, click “PRINT PREMIUM NIN SLIP” and select “Pay With Remita.”
  7. For the Standard NIN Slip, tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, choose “Print Standard NIN Slip,” and select “Pay With Remita.”
  8. Use the “card” payment option for a smoother process.
  9. Wait for the REMITA process to complete successfully.
  10. After payment, click the download button to save your NIN Slip as a PDF.
  11. iOS users select “Save to files,” while Android users find it in their “Download” folder.

Method 2 (Using Online Portal):

  1. Ensure you have your NIN.
  2. Visit the NIMC online portal at or
  3. Download and install the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app on your device (if not done already).
  4. Open the app and tap “SECURITY PIN” on the home screen.
  5. Note down the “UserID” and “One Time PIN (OTP)” displayed.
  6. If you don’t have a smartphone, dial 3462*Your NIN# on another mobile phone to receive the UserID and OTP via SMS.
  7. Use the UserID and OTP to log in to the or portal.
  8. Go to the “Print Premium Slip” or “Print Standard Slip” section on the portal’s homepage, make the necessary payment, and download the front and rear parts of your Slip as a PDF document.
  9. Print the PDF document, cut it to size, fold it, and laminate it if desired.

Remember not to share photocopies or scans of your Improved NIN Slip with others, as it contains your NIN and verification QR code. For inquiries or support, contact


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