Review – Is Legit or Scam?, a new investment company in Nigeria claims to be John Deere, a company founded in 1837 and headquartered in Moline, Illinois, USA, is not just your average machinery manufacturer. It stands as the global leader in producing construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and lawn machinery and equipment. With industrial bases in 11 different countries and a workforce of 43,000 employees worldwide, John Deere has managed to sell its products in over 160 countries and regions, solidifying its position as the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer globally and the second-largest construction machinery manufacturer. In fact, it ranks first in the world’s Top 500 companies.

How to Join

If you’re intrigued by John Deere’s offerings and want to explore its potential as a money-making platform, here’s how you can get started.

  1. Register with John Deere: To embark on your journey with John Deere, you need to register on their platform with this registration link. The registration bonus alone, which stands at ₦800, is an excellent incentive to kickstart your experience.
  2. Minimum Withdrawal Amount: It’s essential to note that the minimum withdrawal amount on John Deere is ₦800, making it relatively accessible for users to cash out their earnings.
  3. Withdrawal Time: John Deere offers a quick turnaround for withdrawals, with a 24-hour withdrawal window, ensuring that you can access your funds promptly.
  4. Join the Official Telegram Channel: Stay updated and receive daily cash rewards by joining the official John Deere Telegram channel here.

How to Make Money on John Deere

Now that you’re a registered user, let’s delve into the various ways you can make money on John Deere.

Invest in Farm Equipment

One of the primary ways to generate income on John Deere is by investing in their agricultural equipment. When you invest in these machines, a portion of the income generated from their sales comes back to you as a return on investment, essentially becoming a source of income. Investment Plans

Product Category: Lawn Tractor

  • Cycle (days): 30
  • Available: 0/1
  • Price (₦): 3,000
  • Daily income (₦): 11,160

Product Category: Utility Tractors

  • Cycle (days): 30
  • Available: 0/10,000
  • Price (₦): 9,500
  • Daily income (₦): 36,000

Product Category: Row Crop Tractors

  • Cycle (days): 30
  • Available: 0/10
  • Price (₦): 25,000
  • Daily income (₦): 108,000

Product Category: Utility Vehicles

  • Cycle (days): 20
  • Available: 0/100
  • Price (₦): 85,000
  • Daily income (₦): 290,400

Product Category: Featured Utility Vehicles

  • Cycle (days): 20
  • Available: 0/100
  • Price (₦): 150,000
  • Daily income (₦): 576,000

Product Category: Compact Excavators

  • Cycle (days): 20
  • Available: 0/100
  • Price (₦): 250,000
  • Daily income (₦): 1,200,000

Product Category: Mid-Size Excavators

  • Cycle (days): 10
  • Available: 0/100
  • Price (₦): 550,000
  • Daily income (₦): 1,800,000

Product Category: Harvester

  • Cycle (days): 10
  • Available: 0/100
  • Price (₦): 750,000
  • Daily income (₦): 3,120,000

Product Category: Swing Machines

  • Cycle (days): 10
  • Available: 0/10
  • Price (₦): 950,000
  • Daily income (₦): 6,000,000

Invitation Rewards

John Deere also offers a lucrative referral program. When you invite other users to join the platform and they invest, you can earn substantial commissions. In fact, you can receive up to 20% + 8% commission on your friends’ investments. This can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to boost your earnings significantly.

Upload Screenshots of Withdrawals

After a successful withdrawal, John Deere allows you to upload a screenshot of your withdrawal. As a reward, you can receive a cash coupon worth up to 1,000 Naira. It’s a straightforward way to earn some extra income.

Join the Official Telegram Channel

Being part of the John Deere Telegram channel not only keeps you informed but also rewards you with cash every day. It’s like having money at your fingertips, and the 24-hour withdrawal window means you can access your earnings quickly. Telegram Channel

Invite Friends to Invest

Perhaps one of the most enticing ways to make money on John Deere is by inviting friends to invest. For instance, if your friend invests ₦20,000 in John Deere, you stand to earn ₦4,000 in commission bonus. Imagine how easily you could make ₦40,000 if you invite ten friends! The more friends you invite, the more money you can earn, making it a potentially lucrative opportunity.

John Deere Investment Plans

John Deere offers an array of investment plans to suit different preferences and financial goals. These plans are designed to help you make the most of your investment. By diversifying your investment across these plans, you can maximize your potential earnings.

Make Money on Through Referrals

As mentioned earlier, referrals are a powerful way to boost your earnings on John Deere. Whether you have a large network or you’re just starting to build one, the referral program offers substantial commissions that can significantly impact your income. Plus, it’s a win-win situation: your friends and contacts also have the opportunity to benefit from John Deere’s money-making platform.

Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme launched on 31/08/2023. It can crash anytime or when you least expected it. So be careful before investing in this platform.

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