Kuda Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number (Email Address & Contacts)

We bring to you Kuda Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number and also their customer representative support phone number for you to vcall them should incase you are having issues with their app. if you have complaints about your accounts including funding, payment, transfer and bills payment, you can now contact Kudabank Nigeria through the following channels. You can also visit their office address below.

Kuda bank is one of the top online digital bank and fintech app that allows you make payment for free without charging you any transaction fee. They pride themselves as free banking for Nigerians. you can take advantage of this free transaction fees to avoid unnecessary charges commercial banks charges.


Phone Number 2.34903E+12
Email Address Help@kudabank.com
Office Address 151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos,
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kudabank/posts
Twitter https://twitter.com/kudabank
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kudabank/?hl=en
Website https://www.kudabank.com/


Reasons People Contact KudaBank Microfinace Bank

  • Otp
  • Account Funding
  • Payment
  • Atm Error
  • Transfer Failed
  • Withdrawal Failed
  • Free withdrawals
  • No account maintenance fees
  • No card maintenance fees
  • Free Atm Card
  • Withdrawal
  • Bills Payment
  • Password Reset
  • Free transfers every month

Kudabank Lagos Head Office Address

151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos,


About Kudabank

Kuda is Nigeria’s first mobile-only bank licensed by the Central Bank. Zero card maintenance fees, free transfers, automatic savings

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  2. It seems someone tampered with my login on kuda and I can’t login or change password.
    I need urgent reply on what to do

  3. It seems someone tampered with my login on kuda and I can’t login or change password.
    I need urgent reply on what to do

    • I can’t receive my fund for the past 6 hours now pls do something 10k is not a small money oooo

    • I made transfer up till now the person has not gotten alert and I can’t open my account have sending mails calling the customer care no response

  4. Please you guys are reviewing my bvn, but right now I need to access my money. I can’t be stranded because You guys are reviewing my bvn. I can’t even transfer to anyone. Please help me out cos this is giving you guys a bad reputation. I’m stranded here. Please help me out

  5. Please… My friend sent me the sum of #3,000 last night n it hasn’t reflected on my account till now…

    • Hi mr okhogbe
      I sent 50k to someone and the person hasn’t received it yet and they have refund it back to my bank account and it has already took more time sir
      What’s the cause and what’s the solution

    • Someone send me money since yesterday I don’t get the money and they had debit the person he send me the receipt for the payment but yet not receive the 10k why all this if you people want us to close the account just let us know so we can close the account okay
      Please do something about my money that was transferred to my account

    • On the 7th of August 2021 my money was debited 20,000 from my account uptil now my money not yet refund. I have send email no response and also made calls no answer.

    • What will happen if my bank app is saying it has been limited what’s happening there and I need to transfer

  6. I mistakenly logged out my account but I can’t remember my password and username anymore,pls help

  7. Please my acct just logout automatically but have login the acct again so when I want to send money out my transaction pin is incorrect

    • This is also my complin. Please Mr kuda do something about this fast cuz I need my money urgently

      • I wanted to do a transaction and all you keep saying is that my pin is incorrect why Mr kuda and I can’t even reset it cuz I didn’t receive a OTP code. Please do something cuz that money is my last Kobo and I’m dying here

  8. Kuda please unlock my account it says error and all other account is working well all my money in my kuda and I’m sick I need to get some drugs

  9. This is obvious that, this Kuda or Guda anything that it may be called. Is one of the best stupid and useless mobile only Bank in naija for now. In July comment alone, you did not have a good comments that can inspire other people to join your service. One of your customer transferred 29,000, 14,500 twice to GTB account, around 1:50am July 10th 2021, but yet the money has not be credited to the GTB account number giving to your customer that made the transfer. Is this how your service works and yet you’re expecting more people to join your network. The sender’s name is OGUNTADE OLAYOMI. Please check what the delay might be, cause that money should not just hanged in the air like that and yet I can’t see the sender in person, but Is there no emergency funds release with your service, which by the way your Banking service is not reliable at all. You Kuda group need to upgrade your banking service in order not to loose all your best customers. Cause if you continue like this, make una matter no go be like M.M.M. Make your service reliable before bragging to be the first mobile only Bank in naija. You hear me Mr KUDA or GUDA!!!


  11. I lost my phone yesterday and I didn’t remember my Gmail password again please what should I do,

    • Pls a friend sent money to me uptill now I haven’t seen it always maill you and u don’t reply me pls reply the money I as caused alot of things

  12. Pls I have issue with my bank accounts I mistakenly sent 59k to my Kuda Bank instead of 50k at once then have not seen the money on my Kuda and my UBA bank pls help me out the money is not a small money

  13. Hello there, I’m here to complain about my payment, I transfer the sum of #7500 from my kuda account to union bank but unfortunately, the money has been deducted from my account and the money did not go through the union bank account, I’ve made the same complaint from my Union Bank this morning but I was asked to contact kuda. Please I want you to help me attend to this matter ASAP the said issue has caused a big misunderstanding between me and my customers.
    Please help me refund the money as soon as possible. Thanks.

  14. Kuda support team pls help me a friend sent 25k to me since 25_06_2021 of last month the money was 15,100 and I haven’t receive it up till now, the person name is Asimaji julius, his bank unity bank pls I will be grateful if u reply me as a matter of urgency it has caused alot of issues don’t let me regretting using ur bank pls and pls

  15. Some1 hack my account nd transfer 43500 to sterling bank this morning around 4:31am today. I don’t know the person . Nd the person change my email. Nd also change my transactions pin. Nd change the address. Pls refund my money to me .

  16. Kuda . I was trying to transfer money through my kuda.. then the app hanged.. suddenly they told me secret pin or log out .. and I don’t know it .. so i log out . And i wanted to login back.. but the password wasn’t going. So I decided to reset password.. but to confirm my reset password, it’s showing me something different entirely.. i keep trying.. still my password can’t reset.. and I have a sum of 15,000 Naira plus there.. I’m broke now .. my money can’t waste ..I wanted to use that money there to help my mom at the hospital since yesterday.. but now see .. please help me out..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭..
    Please ..please if you can just let me open my kuda without a password.. or a master password so i can enter and withdraw my money.. i love using kuda. But I don’t like what’s happening now .. please help me out..

  17. Please what this shitw now amw trying to upgrade my account andw it’s telling me sorry you can’t make that happen try again later since last two weeks now please I need to collect my money

  18. Someone just used your kuba account to scammed me off some millions and I need your total support on getting the Funds back for me please and kindly text me the phone number to reach out to you and I did sent an email to you already

  19. Please i sent #2640 to my first bank account and they debited me and i can’t find the money on my account please help me out oooo

  20. 70,000 was transferred to me since last week Wednesday and I haven’t received it till now
    I have a pending upgrade since that last week Wednesday
    What you’re all doing isn’t right ooo

  21. Kuda is a scam some one transfer money from my account without my phone and today again from my wife kuda account why all this

  22. Pls I want to report a case of scam using you bank and it can spoil you reputation pls I need you customer care number to send you all the prove

  23. I have been using Kuda account for the past some months now and yet I’m not still qualified to loan money, nawa oo

  24. I can’t change my phone number attached to my account and the ID CARD attached too I don’t have a driver license ID card but I have my voter ID card so please help me out I want to change it…moreso pls send the one time code to change my phone number attached to my KUDA account.

  25. I sent money to my kuda account at about 2:29am and up till now is not reflect in my kuda account and the money has left my Uba account why.

  26. I need my N82000 back to my Uba bank account details pls Uba account details 1009534774 ok olorunshaiye gbenga sunday.

  27. Someone sent 4000 to me and I haven’t gotten the alert till now… I never knew you ain’t capable enough.. if I do I won’t use it at all

  28. Good evening, I have two kuda account and one of the account is upgraded while the other one is not upgraded,the account that is not upgraded has 20k in it and I have trying to transfer the money but it is impossible because I need to first link my bvn with the account.Whereas, my bvn has already been linked with my second account which made it impossible frme to Link it with the account that has money in it. Please I need help

  29. Hello Good morning kuda bank
    I have been having trouble to go through my kuda accounts since yesterday I don’t know what’s going on. Pls just do something about it as soon as possible

  30. Good morning kuda bank I have been having trouble through my kuda bank 50k was sent to my kuda account and it has not been reflexing in my kuda account and I want to link my bvn number it saying my bvn has been link to to another account please kindly do something about this

  31. Kuda is the best online bank ever i dont care what others experience has been for 2yrs i have been using kuda and there transfer rate is invariably the best,but i have an urgent complain…I m currently in Republic of Benin and i have been using my kuda to make transfer to UBA here in Cotonou,my phone was stolen and i cant access my attached email to kuda now i have 35k i want to transfer to my wife in Nigeria i have sent numerous emails i only got response once now i logged in and i havent retrieved the number added to kuda and the issue with gmail is that if your email is on your phone without signing out you cant logg in else
    where the number stolen was the same attached to my kuda acct pls help me out..As i need to make the transfer today and they sent me otp to that stolen line

  32. Since three days ago I logged out of my other phone and couldn’t logged into my account they refuse send me device change otp

  33. MORNING, my acct has been restricted to transfer certain amount pls I want you work on it because am unable to make the transaction.

  34. I transfer money from my access bank to kuda,bt I can nt enter the kuda happen to check the money, is telling me someone has signed up with my email..why,pls answer

  35. Hello I bought a prepaid light from my account and money was deducted from my account and I did not receive the light nor was the money return to the account 1100

  36. I can’t remember the email and the phone number I used in creating the account so I can’t login anymore please how can I retrieve the account Because my BVN is linked to that account

  37. Bring back my 2,500.
    if not all kuda related personells will be in my notorious prayer of the year
    Banda buro uba ace 2,500 ba ita ba alamarta ?
    Allah ya tsinewa kuda albarka

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