Review | Legit or Scam? is a promising online platform that offers users an exciting opportunity to earn real cash through various engaging activities. This innovative social network rewards users with points for their participation, which can then be converted into tangible money and deposited directly into their bank accounts.

The platform encourages users to create and share content, such as pictures, videos, and questions, with the potential to earn up to 10,000 points (equivalent to approximately 2,500 Naira) for viral posts. Making friends on MNR is essential, as it enhances the visibility of your posts, increasing engagement and points earned.

Additionally, MNR incentivizes users to participate in polls, with the possibility of earning between 5 to 100 points based on the timing of their votes. Inviting friends to join MNR is rewarding too, offering both a free reward spin and 750 points per friend brought onboard.

MNR extends its rewards system to challenges like the Time Champ Challenge and the Go-Go Hero Challenge, where users can test their knowledge and win substantial points. Weekly challenges and elite challenges add more opportunities to earn.

Ways To Make Money On Mnr

1. Post a Picture

  • Post a picture on MNR
  • Earn 100 pts for the first picture you post

2. Make 20 Friends

  • Make 20 friends on MNR
  • Earn 10 pts for the first 20 friends you make

3. Vote in an MNR Poll

  • Participate in MNR polls
  • Earn between 5 to 100 pts when you vote

4. Invite a Friend

  • Invite a friend to MNR
  • Receive a free reward spin and 750 pts for each friend invited

5. Share Posts

  • Share MNR posts and earn referral points for each new account created through your shared link

6. Trending Activity

  • Create trending posts and earn up to 10,000 pts (approximately 2,500 Naira) per viral post

7. Be a Top 10 Monthly User

  • Accumulate points and aim to be among the top 10 users each month to earn rewards

8. Time Champ Challenge

  • Test your knowledge by answering 3 questions correctly in 30 seconds
  • Win between 3,500 to 17,500 points

9. Go-Go Hero Challenge

  • Take on the challenge of answering 3 questions in 45 seconds for 3 rounds
  • Compete to earn up to 35,000 points

10. Participate in MNR Challenges
– Join weekly challenges where 10 winners are selected for each challenge – Earn between 1,000 to 5,000 points

11. Participate in MNR Elite Challenge
– Exclusive challenge for subscribers who won the MNR weekly challenge or are ranked as top 10 monthly users

12. Redeem Rewards
– Check out what rewards you can redeem with your earned points

13. Points History
– Review your points history to keep track of your earnings

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