Monetaflex Review | Legit or Scam?

Monetaflex is not your typical money-making platform. It stands out as a hybrid system that merges skill learning with earning potential. Founded with the aim of empowering individuals, Monetaflex equips its members with contemporary digital skills, making them more independent and adaptable in today’s tech-driven world.

How to Join Monetaflex

Joining Monetaflex is a straightforward process. By registering with a one-time fee of N4,500, you become part of a community that values skill acquisition and financial growth. This fee acts as your gateway to a variety of earning opportunities that the platform offers.

How to Make Money from Monetaflex

Monetaflex provides several avenues for you to earn money. Through completing daily tasks like logging in and watching TikTok videos, you can earn up to N1,700 per day. Moreover, Monetaflex is keen on proving that it’s not just a platform that relies on referrals; it pays you for your daily engagement and participation.

Make Money from Monetaflex through Referrals

While referrals are not obligatory, they do present an additional income stream on Monetaflex. By referring others to the platform, you can earn N3,600 per person who signs up using your referral link. Furthermore, the indirect referral system allows you to earn N200 when someone you’ve referred brings in another member.

Monetaflex Earning Streams

  • ₦4,500 Activation fee
  • Flex share (sponosed post): You earn 700 when you share our sponsored posts but sharing is not complusory
  • Direct Referral commission is 3600
  • Indirect Referral commission is 200
  • Earn ₦1,200 when you engage with our tiktok task

Monetaflex Withdrawal Days & Time

Referral commission withdrawal is on Mondays and Thursdays (between 10pm – 12pm). Minimum withdrawal is ₦6,000

Withdrawal for revenue share (non referral commission) is once every month (15th of every month and time will be communicated before on the 15th). Minimum withdrawal is ₦25,000 in sponsored post wallet (flex share)

Is Monetaflex Legit or Scam?

Monetaflex is not a Ponzi scheme, and its source of income comes from advertisements and sponsored content. The platform’s sustainable model means that you can expect consistent earnings rather than temporary gains.

Monetaflex’s structure is user-friendly, enabling members to access their earned income quickly. The withdrawal process is convenient, with affiliate bonus withdrawals occurring on specific days and non-referral earnings being withdrawable on the 15th of each month.

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  1. Good morning,I was told to cash out in this app Monetaflex yesterday around 10am but immediately I click withdraw no money deposit to my account and the money in my dashboard left….I want to know what happened and I want to know how the withdraw goes….. thanks

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