Review | Legit or Scam?

In the international investment landscape, gold has always been a shining star. Regardless of economic fluctuations, gold remains a reliable and valuable asset that beats inflation yearly. Newmont Gold is a platform that recognizes the enduring allure of gold and has tailored a unique investment experience for global investors.

How to Join Newmont Gold

Joining Newmont Gold is a straightforward process that opens the door to potential financial gains. To get started, simply visit their official website or access their Telegram channels for more information:

Upon registration, Newmont Gold offers a generous sign-up bonus of 80 USDT, and the minimum deposit to begin your journey is just 10 USDT. With a low entry point, it’s an accessible platform for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

How to Make Money on Newmont Gold

Newmont Gold provides a range of investment plans to suit various preferences and financial goals. Here are the investment plans and their corresponding daily and monthly income:

  • Gold1: Deposit 10 USD, daily income 2.5 USDT, monthly income 75 USDT
  • Gold2: Deposit 90 USD, daily income 30 USDT, monthly income 900 USDT
  • Gold3: Deposit 300 USD, daily income 100 USDT, monthly income 3000 USDT
  • Gold4: Deposit 600 USD, daily income 200 USDT, monthly income 6000 USDT
  • Gold5: Deposit 1,200 USD, daily income 400 USDT, monthly income 12,000 USDT
  • Gold6: Deposit 3,300 USD, daily income 1,100 USDT, monthly income 33,000 USDT
  • Gold7: Deposit 6,600 USD, daily income 2,200 USDT, monthly income 66,000 USDT
  • Gold8: Deposit 9,900 USD, daily income 3,300 USDT, monthly income 99,000 USDT
  • Gold9: Deposit 12,000 USD, daily income 4,000 USDT, monthly income 120,000 USDT
  • Gold10: Deposit 33,000 USD, daily income 11,000 USDT, monthly income 330,000 USDT

Your earnings are updated daily at 00:00 EST, providing you with a transparent and efficient way to track your investment’s growth. The higher your level, the greater your income potential. Refer to the investment plan that aligns with your profit goals.

Make Money on Newmont Gold through Referrals

One of the most exciting features of Newmont Gold is its referral program. By inviting friends to join the gold investment plan, you can earn lucrative rebates:

  • A-level: 10% rebate, deposit 1000 USDT to get 100 USDT
  • Level B: 2% rebate, deposit 1000 USDT to get 20 USDT
  • C-level: 1% rebate, deposit 1000 USDT to get 10 USDT

Building a network of like-minded investors can significantly boost your earnings, and Newmont Gold provides an opportunity to do just that.

Is Newmont Gold Legit or Scam? is a scam and a ponzi scheme. The company does not exists, and the website was created by scammers to defraud investors. So be careful so as not to fall victim to this elaborate scam.

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