O2ouby.com Review | Real or Scam?

O2ouby.com is a newly emerging online platform that positions itself as a global shopping company. According to the information provided, the platform enables users to shop for a diverse range of goods online and promises doorstep delivery. However, O2ouby.com has an additional facet—it is actively seeking investors, particularly in Nigeria, to expand its operations. The enticing promise for investors is the opportunity to earn a daily income ranging from 20% to 40%.

How to Join O2ouby.com

Joining O2ouby.com involves a straightforward process. Interested individuals can visit the website at https://o2ouby.com and navigate to the registration page using the invitation link: https://o2ouby.com/#/user/login/register?code=9IpqpW9kZ. The platform has been operational since the 2nd of December, 2023, and it is open for potential investors to join.

How to Make Money on O2ouby.com

O2ouby.com offers a variety of avenues for users to make money on the platform. One primary method is through daily income earned from investments. The platform boasts daily returns ranging from 20% to 40%, depending on the investment plan chosen. These plans include different levels of investment, each with its corresponding daily income and total income over a 65-day validity period.

O2ouby.com Investment Plans

O2ouby.com provides several investment plans, each with its own entry price, daily income, validity period, and total income. Here are the available plans:

  1. KT-3000: ₦3000, Daily Income ₦750, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦48,750.00
  2. KT-9000: ₦9000, Daily Income ₦2376, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦154,440.00
  3. KT-17000: ₦17000, Daily Income ₦4760, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦309,400.00
  4. KT-33000: ₦33000, Daily Income ₦9834, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦639,210.00
  5. KT-78000: ₦78000, Daily Income ₦24804, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦1,612,260.00
  6. KT-150000: ₦150000, Daily Income ₦51195, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦3,327,675.00
  7. KT-230000: ₦230000, Daily Income ₦84663, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦5,503,095.00
  8. KT-580000: ₦580000, Daily Income ₦232000, Validity Period 65 days, Total Income ₦15,080,000.00

Make Money on O2ouby.com Through Referrals

O2ouby.com encourages users to expand their network and increase their earnings through referrals. The platform offers a referral program where users can receive a 30% referral reward based on their friend’s investment amount. Additionally, users can benefit from commission income brought by team members, leader bonuses, and other incentives for building a robust referral network.

O2ouby.com Recharge and Withdrawal Process

How to Recharge

  1. Login to the Dashboard: Users can log in and click on the recharge button.
  2. Enter Amount: Input the desired recharge amount and click “Continue.”
  3. Company Account Details: The platform provides company account details for the transaction.
  4. Update Account Details: It’s crucial not to save old account details, as the company may change them to manage the high number of members.

How to Withdraw

  1. Minimum Withdrawal Amount: The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦700.00.
  2. Handling Fee: A 5% handling fee is deducted by the bank during the withdrawal process.
  3. Withdrawal Timeframe: Withdrawals typically reach the bank account within 24-72 hours.
  4. Failed Withdrawals: In case of a failed withdrawal, users are advised to try again with a different bank card.

Details About O2ouby.com

O2ouby.com provides limited information about its technical details, including IP address ( and nameservers (ns1.dns-parking.com, ns2.dns-parking.com). The owner’s name is hidden in the Whois information, and there is no specific information available about the platform’s launch date.

O2ouby.com Red Flags

Several red flags raise concerns about the legitimacy of O2ouby.com:

  1. High Turnover Rate: The company experiences a high turnover rate among its leadership team.
  2. Inconsistent Font Styles: Mismatched font styles in marketing materials, a common trait found in scams.
  3. Emphasis on Income Potential: The emphasis on income potential over the product or service.
  4. Lack of Clear Information: The company fails to provide clear and accessible information about its investment products.

Is O2ouby.com Legit or Scam?

Considering the identified red flags, it is prudent to approach O2ouby.com with caution. The emphasis on income potential, inconsistencies in marketing materials, and the lack of transparent information about the company’s offerings raise concerns. Based on these observations, there are indications that O2ouby.com could be a scam and potentially a Ponzi scheme. It is essential for individuals to conduct thorough research and exercise caution before considering any investment on this platform.

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