Pfizn Review – Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria, promising users the ability to earn  they often come with a fair share of skepticism. Today, we’ll explore this new money-making platform that’s generating quite a buzz. Let’s delve into what is all about and whether it’s a legitimate way to make money online.

How to Join

You can join By creating an account with this registration link

How to Make Money on

Option 1: Invest in Pharmaceutical Products Launched by Pfizer

One of the primary ways to earn on is by investing in pharmaceutical products launched by Pfizer. Currently, Pfizer offers eight different pharmaceutical products, each with varying returns on investment. The principle here is simple: the higher the product’s price, the greater your potential return, and the shorter the investment cycle.

This option is particularly appealing for those interested in the pharmaceutical industry or seeking faster returns on their investments.

Option 2: Make Money Through Referrals

If you’re skilled at online networking and enjoy bringing people together, offers a referral program that can be financially rewarding. By inviting individuals to join, you can earn commissions when they recharge their accounts. The commission percentage can be as high as 20% + 5%.

For instance, when you invite user B and they recharge ₦10,000, you can earn a commission of ₦2,000. If user B then invites user C, you continue to earn a commission of ₦500. Your earnings through referrals depend on the number of people you invite, making it an attractive option for those with a wide social network.

Option 3: Daily Bonus sweetens the deal with a daily check-in bonus. Users have the opportunity to claim a daily bonus of up to ₦100. This is a simple way to add a little extra cash to your account regularly.

Option 4: Upload Withdrawal Vouchers for Coupons

After successfully withdrawing funds from, you can upload your withdrawal vouchers to the platform to receive cash rewards. This incentivizes users to engage actively with the platform and further boost their earnings.

Option 5: Free Cash

For those looking for an effortless way to earn, offers free cash codes. By following their official channel on Telegram (, users can receive daily cash codes, with a maximum amount of ₦10,000. Additionally, new registrants receive a ₦800 bonus.

It’s important to note that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of ₦800, ensuring that users can access their earnings easily. Investment Plans’s investment options provide a diverse range of opportunities to grow your money. However, as with any investment, it’s crucial to carefully consider your financial goals, risk tolerance, and the legitimacy of the platform.

Product 1: Ordinary vaccines

  • Cycle (days): 30
  • Daily income: ₦360
  • Total income: ₦10,800
  • Price: ₦2,900

Product 2: COVID-19 vaccine

  • Cycle (days): 30
  • Daily income: ₦1,560
  • Total income: ₦46,800
  • Price: ₦11,000

Product 3: Rheumatism treatment drugs

  • Cycle (days): 30
  • Daily income: ₦4,560
  • Total income: ₦136,800
  • Price: ₦30,000

Product 4: Antibiotic Drugs

  • Cycle (days): 18
  • Daily income: ₦15,120
  • Total income: ₦272,160
  • Price: ₦90,000

Product 5: Cardiovascular disease drugs

  • Cycle (days): 18
  • Daily income: ₦31,200
  • Total income: ₦561,600
  • Price: ₦155,000

Product 6: Neuroscience drugs

  • Cycle (days): 18
  • Daily income: ₦84,000
  • Total income: ₦1,512,000
  • Price: ₦350,000

Product 7: Immunology drugs

  • Cycle (days): 8
  • Daily income: ₦264,000
  • Total income: ₦2,112,000
  • Price: ₦650,000

Product 8: Cancer treatment

  • Cycle (days): 8
  • Daily income: ₦624,000
  • Total income: ₦4,992,000
  • Price: ₦980,000

Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme.

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