Price Of Wireless Microphone In Nigeria (2024)

In Nigeria, content creation has seen remarkable growth in recent years, thanks to the accessibility of digital platforms and the rise of social media influencers, vloggers, and content creators. One crucial tool that has played a significant role in improving the quality of content produced is the wireless microphone.

A wireless microphone is a device that allows individuals to capture high-quality audio without the constraints of tangled cables. This technology has revolutionized content creation in Nigeria in several ways. Firstly, it offers mobility and flexibility to creators, allowing them to move freely during recordings. Whether shooting on-location videos or conducting interviews, wireless microphones ensure that audio remains crisp and clear.

Secondly, wireless microphones are particularly useful in outdoor settings, where traditional wired microphones can be limiting. Nigerian content creators often find themselves shooting in diverse environments, from bustling city streets to serene natural landscapes. Wireless microphones enable them to capture audio without being tethered to a stationary microphone setup.

Moreover, wireless microphones have democratized content creation in Nigeria. They are affordable and accessible, making it easier for aspiring creators to enter the field. This has led to a more diverse range of voices and perspectives being shared online, enriching the content landscape in the country.


Prices Of Wireless Microphones

Product Name Price
Dual Wireless Mini Microphone for Android/iPhone ₦ 15,500
Over Head Wireless Microphone ₦ 30,000
Wireless Microphone ₦ 35,000
Sony Wireless Microphone Dual Wireless Microphone Sn2000 ₦ 35,000
768 Omax Wireless Microphone System ₦ 40,000
Shure UHF-555 Wireless Microphone With Long Distance Range ₦ 40,000
JBL Professional Wireless UHF Microphone VM-2000 ₦ 42,000
Wireless Double Microphone With Wireless Receiver ₦ 48,000
Wireless Microphone. Boya BY-WM8 Pro- UHF Wireless Mic ₦ 80,000
Magnetic Wireless Microphone ₦ 85,000
Sennheiser SKM90000 UHF Wireless Microphone Microphone ₦ 70,000
Wireless Microphone ₦ 70,000
VM6000 Professional Wireless Microphone ₦ 75,000
Shure DS9300 UHF Wireless Microphone Series ₦ 150,000
ULX-TD4CN Professional Wireless Microphone ₦ 150,000
JBL Vm-2000 Professional Wireless Microphone ₦ 65,000
SHURE SH-400B Wireless Microphone ₦ 65,000
Wireless Microphone ₦ 110,000
BNK X35 Wireless Microphone ₦ 60,000
JBL Wireless Two Microphone System Dual-Channel Receiver ₦ 120,000
Akg Wireless Microphone Wms40 ₦ 170,000
Devon Single Handle Wireless Microphone ₦ 185,000
Rode Wireless Go 2 Single Set Wireless Microphone ₦ 195,000
SHURE BLX Wireless Microphone With 2 PG58 Wireless Handle ₦ 250,000
JBL Wireless Microphone Set With 2 Microphones and Receiver ₦ 110,000
JBL Wireless Microphone Set With 2 Microphones and Receiver ₦ 110,000
Photo – 4in1 Wireless Handheld Microphone ₦ 135,500
Wireless Microphone Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Smk9000 ₦ 70,000
Yamaha Wireless Microphone ₦ 19,000

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