Review | Legit or Scam? is a newly established online investment platform that presents itself as a bag manufacturing company catering to both men and women. The platform seeks investments to expand its operations and enhance its profitability. It promises investors the opportunity to earn daily income for a period of 32 days, with a daily return ranging between 5% to 7% of the invested amount.

How to Join

To join, you can create a new account using the registration link provided on the website.

How to Make Money on

  1. Invest in a Plan (Daily Income) offers various investment plans that allow investors to earn daily returns. These plans come with different investment amounts and corresponding daily income, along with specific validity periods. The returns are dependent on the chosen investment plan. Investment Plans

    • B001: N2700 investment, N135 daily income, 32-day validity, N4,320 total income
    • B002: N9000 investment, N468 daily income, 32-day validity, N14,976 total income
    • B003: N17000 investment, N918 daily income, 32-day validity, N29,376 total income
    • B004: N30000 investment, N1680 daily income, 32-day validity, N53,760 total income
    • B005: N70000 investment, N3990 daily income, 35-day validity, N139,650 total income
    • B006: N150000 investment, N8700 daily income, 35-day validity, N304,500 total income
  2. Selfie Rewards (N200)

    By uploading a picture of yourself to the RO2O APP homepage and sending it to your regional manager, you can earn a N200 bonus reward. Please note that this reward can be availed only once per person.

  3. Newbie Benefits (N500)

    Every new member is entitled to newcomer benefits, including a reward of N200 for the first invitation and N500 for the first upgrading product. Additional benefits can also be obtained upon completion of specific tasks, which can be claimed by contacting the manager.

  4. Weekly Star (N12,000)

    Richemontshop provides weekly star rewards to outstanding members. The reward amount varies based on the number of successful referrals made during the week. However, this benefit ceases when the bonus quota is exhausted.

  5. Open a Studio (N600,000)

    Richemontshop aims to establish 2000 studios in different cities in Nigeria, offering subsidies on monthly studio rent and welfare, depending on the team’s size. The number of available studio slots is limited, and the fee subsidy will terminate once all 2000 places are occupied.

  6. Referral Commission

    By inviting users to subscribe to the platform, you can earn referral commissions at different levels: 10% for the first level, 5% for the second level, and 1% for the third level.

Is Legit or a Scam? operates as a long-term Ponzi scheme, anticipated to function for a limited period, roughly two weeks to a month. To benefit from this platform, it is advisable to join early and ensure timely cashouts before the system collapses. However, considering its nature, investors should exercise caution and be aware of the associated risks.

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