Rolez Microfinance Bank Customer Care Number & Office Address

If you are looking for Rolez Microfinance Bank Customer Care Number and head office address in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, then check them below as we would be providing all information about this new Nigerian bank popularly used by affliate platforms, ponzi schemes and investment platforms.

Rolez Microfinance Bank is a new bank Nigeria. It’s a reliable bank in making online payments easier and more accessible for businesses across the country.

Rolez Microfinance Bank is changing the game in Nigeria by simplifying online payments. As businesses strive to keep up with the digital world, Rolez Microfinance Bank is here to support and elevate them. With their payment gateway, businesses can unlock new opportunities, expand their customer base, and thrive in the digital era. Say goodbye to payment woes and embrace the future with Rolez Microfinance Bank.

Rolez Microfinance Bank understands the importance of seamless online transactions in today’s digital age. They’ve taken a bold step to offer a payment gateway that allows websites to integrate their services, making it simple for businesses of all sizes to accept payments online.

So, what exactly does Rolez Microfinance Bank bring to the table?

  1. Easy Integration: One of the standout features of Rolez Microfinance Bank is its user-friendly payment gateway. Businesses can seamlessly integrate it into their websites, reducing the hassle of complex technical procedures.
  2. Enhanced Security: Trust is paramount when it comes to online payments. Rolez Microfinance Bank prioritizes the safety of transactions. With robust security measures in place, customers can make payments with confidence.
  3. Diverse Payment Options: Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses and customers, Rolez Microfinance Bank offers a range of payment options. Whether it’s credit card payments, bank transfers, or mobile wallets, they’ve got it covered.
  4. Customer Support: Rolez Microfinance Bank values its customers and provides exceptional customer support. If any issues arise, a dedicated team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth payment experience.
  5. Empowering Businesses: Rolez Microfinance Bank’s payment gateway empowers businesses to reach a wider audience. With an easy-to-use system, businesses can focus on growth, knowing that payments are taken care of.


Rolez Microfinance Bank Head Office Address

Old Oyo-Ibadan Road, Idi-Igba, Illora, Oyo State.


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Rolez Microfinance Bank Customer Care Number



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