Rymoffice.com Review | Legit or Scam

Rymoffice.com is a new entrant in the world of online money-making platforms in Nigeria. The platform is similar to aim7777 which was in operation for more than 6 months.

Rymoffice.com is involved in the sale and distribution of office supplies and stationery. From pens and paper to printers and headphones, they seem to cover a wide array of office-related products. However, what makes them unique is that they offer Nigerians an opportunity to invest in this stationery business. In simple terms, when you invest in Rymoffice, they use your funds to purchase stationery, and when these products are sold, they promise to share the profits with investors in the form of daily returns.

In this comprehensive review, we will dissect Rymoffice.com, examining its features, how to get started, the various ways you can make money with the platform, its investment plans, and, most importantly, whether it is a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam.

How to Join Rymoffice.com

If you are intrigued by the prospect of making money through Rymoffice.com, the first step is to create an account. To do this, follow the registration link provided on their website.

How to Make Money on Rymoffice.com

Now that you’re registered, let’s explore how you can start making money with Rymoffice.com. There are two primary methods: through investments or referrals.

1. Through Investment

Investment is the core method for generating income on Rymoffice.com. The platform offers five different investment plans, each with varying rates of return, ranging from 5% to 7%. In simple terms, if you invest 10,000 naira, you can expect to earn between 500 to 700 naira daily. This offers a potentially attractive return on your investment.

2. Through Referrals

Referrals provide another avenue to earn substantial money on Rymoffice.com. When you refer someone to Rymoffice and they subscribe to an investment plan, you will receive a commission. The commission rates vary depending on the level of referral. For a direct referral, you earn 10% of the investment amount. For a level 2 referral, this drops to 6%, and for a level 3 referral, you’ll still receive a respectable 2%.

Rymoffice.com Investment Plans

To help you decide where to invest your money, here’s an overview of Rymoffice.com’s investment plans:

1. Book

  • Price: ₦ 11,580
  • Daily Income: ₦ 579
  • Validity Period: 45 Days
  • Total Revenue: ₦ 26,055

2. Reading Lamp

  • Price: ₦ 23,000
  • Daily Income: ₦ 1,265
  • Validity Period: 45 Days
  • Total Revenue: ₦ 56,925

3. Folder

  • Price: ₦ 45,000
  • Daily Income: ₦ 2,700
  • Validity Period: 45 Days
  • Total Revenue: ₦ 121,500

4. Waste Bin

  • Price: ₦ 65,000
  • Daily Income: ₦ 4,225
  • Validity Period: 45 Days
  • Total Revenue: ₦ 190,125

5. Board

  • Price: ₦ 100,000
  • Daily Income: ₦ 7,000
  • Validity Period: 45 Days
  • Total Revenue: ₦ 315,000

Is Rymoffice.com Legit or a Scam?

Rymoffice.com appears to be a long-term investment scheme. Currently, it seems to be delivering on its promise by paying its investors. However, it’s important to exercise caution when dealing with such platforms.

Rymoffice.com operates on the principles of a High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP). These programs come with inherent risks, and they often have a lifespan. The key to benefiting from HYIPs is often getting in early and making your profits before the platform crashes.

In conclusion, if you decide to venture into Rymoffice.com, it’s crucial to approach it with caution. While it seems to be working as of now, there are always risks involved in any investment, especially in the world of online investment platforms. Make sure to do your due diligence, invest only what you can afford to lose, and stay updated with any changes or developments in the platform.

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