Review | Legit or Scam? is an innovative electricity investment platform that allows users to invest in a wide range of electrical and electronics products, including power banks, data center equipment, and more. What sets it apart from traditional investment platforms is its focus on environmentally friendly investments. If you’re someone who values sustainable investments that contribute positively to the environment, might be worth exploring.

How to Join

Getting started with is relatively straightforward, and the potential for earning daily rewards makes it an attractive option for investors. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join and kickstart your journey towards making money through this platform:

  1. Register on the Website: The first step is to register on the website. You can typically find a registration link on their homepage. Click on this link to begin the registration process.
  2. Login to Your Account: After successful registration, log in to your newly created account. You’ll need to provide your credentials, such as your username and password.
  3. Explore Investment Plans: Once logged in, navigate to the “Plans” menu. Here, you’ll find a variety of investment plans to choose from. These plans vary in terms of the initial investment required and the potential returns.
  4. Select Your Preferred Plan: Review the available plans and select the one that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Each plan will have details about the price, daily income, and total return.
  5. Invest Your Money: After selecting a plan, click on the “Invest now” button. This action will lead you to a payment page where you can transfer the required amount to the provided account number. Once your payment is confirmed, your chosen investment plan will be activated.
  6. Start Earning: With your investment plan activated, you can start earning daily returns according to the terms of your chosen plan. The daily returns can range from 25% to 50% depending on the plan you’ve selected. Investment Plans offers a variety of investment plans, each with its own pricing and potential returns. Here are some of the available plans:

  • Industrial Communication (100 Days)
    • Price: ₦3000
    • Daily Income: ₦750 (25%)
    • Total Return: ₦75000 (2500%)
  • Prefabricated Data Center Modules (100 Days)
    • Price: ₦5000
    • Daily Income: ₦1350 (27%)
    • Total Return: ₦135000 (2700%)
  • Industrial Automation Software (100 Days)
    • Price: ₦10000
    • Daily Income: ₦2900 (29%)
    • Total Return: ₦290000 (2900%)
  • Motion Control and Robotics (100 Days)
    • Price: ₦40000
    • Daily Income: ₦13200 (33%)
    • Total Return: ₦1320000 (3300%)

These are just a few examples of the investment plans available on The platform offers a range of options to cater to different investment preferences.

Make Money on Through Referrals

In addition to earning through your investment, provides an opportunity to boost your earnings through its referral program. Here’s how it works:

  • Level 1 Referral Commission: You can earn a 30% commission for each person you refer to the platform who makes an investment.
  • Level 2 Referral Commission: If your referred user brings in new investors, you’ll receive a 2% commission on their investments.
  • Level 3 Referral Commission: You’ll also earn a 1% commission on the investments made by investors referred by your Level 2 referrals.

This multi-tiered referral system can significantly enhance your earnings on, making it a potentially attractive option for those with strong networking skills.

Is Legit or Scam?

The question of legitimacy is a critical one when it comes to investment platforms, especially newer ones. In the case of, there are some factors to consider.

Firstly, has been labeled as a ponzi scheme, which is a type of fraudulent investment scheme that pays returns to earlier investors using the capital of newer investors rather than legitimate profits from investments. Ponzi schemes are unsustainable and eventually collapse, leading to significant losses for participants.

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