Sex Chat Conversation Format For Woman

This is a useful guide for men on how to have sexual conversations with Women. Are you a man who is looking for ways to initiate or start a sex chat conversation with your woman, but you dont know to do that. Be happy as we are you with simple tricks on how you can initiate sex chats easily with any woman whether she is your girlfriend, wife or sugar mummy.

To initiate a sexual conversation with a lady, you first need to express your interest in exploring sexual topics with a partner. It is important to establish boundaries and preferences beforehand and also be careful about going into any specific topics or language that may be off-limits. You can start with a basic or normal lovely talks and complements before then progress into more intimate discussions about desires, fantasies, and experiences. After some days of discussing about her desires and fantasies, then you can now start requesting for sex chats. Also you need to make sure she is comfortable and consenting throughout the conversation. When you discover she is no longer enjoying the discussion, then its time to step back a little bit and then try it again another time.

Another way to do this is to first build trust with each other and then after some time of constant communication, you can then start introducing it little by little into your conversations. Also its important to note that anytime she feels uncomfortable when you introduce, you must change the subject of discussion immediately. Also be open to respect her boundaries and feelings.

Steps To Sex Chat A Girl

  1. Be Playful & Flirty. You can start with a platful and respectful discussion, and ask if she is interested in exploring sexual topics through chat. You can start with something like this “Good to meet you last night… that sexy little bum of your is running through my mind”
  2. Establish boundaries and Respect her boundaries and preferences. This includes any specific topics or language that may be off-limits. When you introduce flirts to her if she suddenly becomes uncomfortable, then you need to withdraw and change the topic of discussion immediately.
  3. Build trust and rapport by listening to her responses, being attentive to her needs, and making her feel comfortable and respected.
  4. Progress the conversation to more intimate discussions about desires, fantasies, and experiences.
  5. Be mindful of her feelings and reactions throughout the conversation, and be willing to adjust your approach if necessary.
  6. Remember that consent can be withdrawn at any time, and it is important to respect each other’s boundaries and feelings throughout the conversation.

 Example Of Sex Chat Discussion

Her: “Hey you, how’s your day going?”
You: “Oh hey gingersnap… a little boring to be honest. Need some excitement today…”
Her:“Really? What kind of excitement smiley
You: “Idk, maybe a submissive maid who’s does everything I ask…”
Keep the vibe fun and flirty from here. You can continue sexting or you can push for a meetup.

 If she is not comfortable, you can divert the discussion like below, However, you need to give a small apology. One way to do so:

Her: “that was really rude”
You: “Ahhhh I didn’t hurt your feelings too bad did I?


If She is comfortable, you can continue the discussion like below


You: “so wanna play a game”
Her: “Umm sure”
You: “Cool questions game. 3 questions each, but you have to answer honestly. No lies or BS. You can’t repeat the question someone else already asked”
Her: “Hah ok but you ask first”
You: “I’m a gentleman. Ladies always come first”
Now a majority of the time she’ll fight you on this. That’s fine. You can argue a bit back and forth. She may ask first or she may “make” you.
If she asks first, answer all her questions honestly and give her feedback if they are boring. If they are sexual, you’re set. If she gives you boring ones (and is a reserved girl) and you answered, you then mirror her questions while adding a bit of edge. Once she answers, give feedback and then go round two. She may begin to sexualize or she may not. When you get to you’re a second round, you do.
If she “makes” you ask first, you can turn it on her quickly:
You: “Well I was going to play nice, but since you’re being so stubborn…”
Don’t wait for her response:
You: “1. How many men have put their rocket into your she pocket?”
You: “2. Do you like being dominated in bed?
You: “3. What’s the one sexual thing you’ve always wanted to try but never had the nerve to do?”
These are the money questions. You have to get to these in the game. They are what matters. So – no matter if she goes first, you go first, the vibe isn’t sexual…
You have to get to these. She may be bashful, but she’ll answer. Jokingly call her out on anything that doesn’t sound true. Spitball a bit on her answers, then say
You: “Your turn”


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