Review | Legit or Scam? is a recently established online platform that aims to empower individuals financially. In these times of economic uncertainty and anxiety, presents itself as a guardian of your financial aspirations. The central concept revolves around providing members with a steady stream of income through investments and referrals.

How to Join

Joining is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Website: Begin by visiting the website.
  2. Registration: Click on the registration button and fill in the required information. Ensure that you provide accurate details to avoid any issues later on.
  3. Account Verification: Once registered, you may need to verify your account through an email confirmation or SMS code. This step enhances security and ensures that you have access to your account.
  4. Deposit Funds: To start your journey on, you’ll need to deposit a minimum amount, which is typically mentioned on the website. Be sure to check the current deposit requirements.
  5. Choose Your Investment Plan: offers various investment plans with different daily income rates. Select the one that aligns with your financial goals and deposit the required amount.
  6. Start Earning: After your deposit is confirmed, you can sit back and watch your daily income accumulate. The platform claims to offer substantial returns on your investment.

How to Make Money on

Earning on primarily revolves around two key strategies:

  1. Daily Income: Your primary source of income is the daily return on your investment. promises attractive daily income rates, which can accumulate significantly over time.
  2. Referral Bonus: The platform encourages members to refer others by offering referral bonuses up to three generations. You can earn 15% on the first generation, 3% on the second generation, and 2% on the third generation. This incentivizes you to expand your network and boost your earnings. Investment Plans offers a range of investment plans, each with its own daily income rate. Here’s an overview:

  • SHIELD ????️- 3000: Daily income of N500, with a total income of N15,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 10,000: Daily income of N1,670, with a total income of N50,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 20,000: Daily income of N3,340, with a total income of N100,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 50,000: Daily income of N8,340, with a total income of N250,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 100,000: Daily income of N16,670, with a total income of N500,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 200,000: Daily income of N33,340, with a total income of N1,000,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 500,000: Daily income of N83,340, with a total income of N2,500,000 over 30 days.
  • SHIELD ????️- 1,000,000: Daily income of N166,670, with a total income of N5,000,000 over 30 days.

The platform claims that one can potentially generate up to 500% returns in just one month through these investment plans.

Make Money on Through Referrals encourages members to expand their network and earn through referrals. The referral bonus structure is as follows:

  • First Generation: You earn 15% of the referral’s investment.
  • Second Generation: You earn 3% of the referral’s investment.
  • Third Generation: You earn 2% of the referral’s investment.

This multi-tiered referral system provides an additional income stream for active members who can recruit others to join the platform.

Is Legit or Scam?

It is a ponzi scheme and a scam.

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