Review | Legit or Scam? is a financial empowerment organization with a mission to eradicate poverty by helping its members maximize their investment profits without incurring losses. This platform is designed to provide opportunities for grants and financial assistance to those who work with the organization.

At its core, offers shares from various humanitarian groups and organizations to its verified users, promising them daily, weekly, and monthly benefits. One of its key selling points is the direct payment of earnings into users’ accounts without any hitches, and users can withdraw their funds alongside their profits on the due date with no withdrawal charges.

How to Join

Joining is a straightforward process:

  1. Create an Account: Begin by registering on the platform using the provided registration link. This typically involves providing some personal information.
  2. Fund Your Wallet: After creating your account, you’ll need to fund your wallet through the recharge button. This will provide you with the capital needed to invest.
  3. Invest: offers various investment plans, each with its own minimum and maximum deposit requirements. Choose an investment plan that suits your financial capacity and risk tolerance.
  4. Withdraw Your Earnings: As your investments mature, you can withdraw your earnings. claims to facilitate this process seamlessly.

How to Make Money on

The primary way to make money on is through its investment plans. They offer several options, including:

Roi Investment

  • 20% Daily Returns: This plan is for low stakeholders with a minimum deposit of 400 NGN and a maximum deposit of 2,400 NGN. You receive a 20% daily return, and your capital is returned at the end of the investment period.
  • 45% Weekly Returns: Designed for medium stakeholders, this plan requires a minimum deposit of 3,000 NGN and a maximum deposit of 8,250 NGN. You receive a 45% weekly return, and your capital is returned.
  • 50% Weekly Returns: This plan is for premium stakeholders, with a minimum deposit of 9,000 NGN and a maximum deposit of 30,000 NGN. You receive a 50% weekly return, and your capital is returned.

Fixed Investment

  • 100% Return: Termed as a plan for mega stakeholders, it requires a deposit of 40,000 NGN. It promises a 100% weekly return, and your capital is returned.

Make Money on Through Referrals

In addition to the investment plans, offers users the opportunity to earn through referrals. By inviting others to join the platform, users can receive a commission on their referrals’ investments. This referral program can be a way to boost earnings for those who are skilled at networking and recruitment.

Is Legit or Scam? itself acknowledges that it operates as a ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are generally considered risky and unsustainable.

In a ponzi scheme, returns to earlier investors are paid using the capital of newer investors rather than from profit earned. Such schemes eventually collapse when there are not enough new investors to pay the returns to earlier investors. Therefore, investing in carries inherent risks, and there’s a possibility of losing your money.

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