Sportybet Customer Care Number, Whatsapp, Email & Office Address

If you are searching for sportybet customer care phone number, whatsapp number and email address, then you are at the right place. You can get their contact details below on our website.

This is one of the top sport football betting companies in Nigeria. They are trustworthy and pay winnings on time. You can try them out and give your feedback. If you have issues with their services such as depositing and withdrawal issues, placing bets, payments, then all your answers would be ansered when you contact their representatives and agents.

Nigeria Phone Number 07008888888.
Whatsapp Number
Email Address
Office Address 13, Kаsumu Еkеmоdе Strееt, Viсtоriа Islаnd, Еti Оsа, Lаgоs.

Sportybet Head Office Address in Lagos (Nigeria)

13, Kаsumu Еkеmоdе Strееt, Viсtоriа Islаnd, Еti Оsа, Lаgоs.


About SportyBet

Sportybet Nigeria was founded by Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani and he has appointed the legendary Nwankwo Kanu as the brand ambassador. Sportybet has separated itself from the rest of the pack and emerged as one of the leading bookmakers in all of Nigeria.

SportyBet offers the best odds, a lite APP with the fastest live betting experience, instant deposits and withdrawals, and great bonuses.

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  1. Someone hacked my sportybet account and also withdrew all my money in my UBA account. The person claimed to be a sportypay agent and sent me a link that I should click to get bonus and immediately I filled in the form on the link and submitted, they withdrew all my money in my UBA account. Please you people should help me trace the money which is #21,895.

    • Hi, is been 5years now that I have been play games on sportybet online I have not been giving a single bouns and I have encountered many of my friend been awarded thousand of bonus to,why is my own exceptional. Pls try and look into this my complain and do something in time.thanks. Adepoju Adebowale

  2. You guys are criminal..! You debited my account and clear all the money won in my SportyBet account..! What a pity

    • I don’t know why you people are just heartless how can you debit my account with the sum of 160,000 from my UBA account I think you need to be fired with all this trash you’re doing

  3. My sporty bet account was hacked and all the money in bank account was hacked as well trace my money and return it to my account if you people don’t want trouble….

  4. Good day sporty bet Nigeria ,my name is agent of yours claims to be Mr Kelvin ,got my number from a group on WhatsApp ,sent me link that I should clink on ,that he will send me code to play ,that once I win I will give in some amount of money which I agreed to ,so I clink on the link fill in all the information required on the website,and I also deposit 300naira then a code was sent to me from my bank ,then he said I should send him the number which I did ,before I no it 20000 was withdraw from my bank account,while i was telling him 10000 was withdraw again all together sporty remove 70000 seventy thousand from my account on the 27th August ,which I find really disappointing ,because I was looking for more money then I end up loosing that much ,please help me trace and bring back my money ,because d man is still chatting me and am asking him for refund he said is only sporty DAT can send d refund ,this is my account number 2365631866 zenith moses Josephine ,please I am a student looking for money to pay school fee ,then u took all I have gather please refund me sporty bet ,thanks for ur understanding

  5. Good morning sportybe, everyday my money we be deducted,by sportybet now I was sent 30,000 yesterday night,I withdraw 15,440 I slept off, when I woke up I checked my account I saw 4,300 this is not the first time pls refund my money back to my account, sportybet account or my Fcmb 6797151012 bf 24har Olorunfemi Ibrahim Abiodun(don’t let me ended it in the court people have been saying bad thing’s about sportybet I don’t believe them until it happened to me you don’t know me but I know sportybet return my money today bf Monday if u want to be operating the sportybet company

  6. well its a pity that things like dis can happen to people an sporty bet didnt find solution to secure peoples acct,
    the problem is that when ever you share the phone number you use for sportybet in the name of bonus you going to loose i was a victim once an i change the number i use for the sportybet.

    So to me if we dont share the number with anyone you have no problem.

    Sporty bet you guys should becareful dis days o abeg protect ur customers acct

  7. My name is Adetona Taiwo Aderoju the account holder of sportybet Adetona solid foundation my first bank account was hack and the sum of #20, 000 was withdrew on Friday 22/11/2021 at 8.14pm.immediately I called first bank customer service I was told that sportybet staff initiated and withdrew the said amount.please reverse my money into my first bank account number 2003627439.if not my uncle is a senator they will table the matter before the house and close down your organization and charge you to court because your organization is a center of fraudulent activities and dubious organization.are you setting up the org to defraud people? Do you want bad eggs within to jeopardize the effort of the org have you heard anything about MMM out bad staff and lay them off.That Friday they block my sporty account it was yesterday I set another password before I can log in. Now they have blocked it again I can no longer log in again.please I need expedite action in this matter before it boomerang.As a reputable company you should look into customers complain and find lasting solution to their problems.please I am expecting favorite response from you.thanks

  8. INy name is Efosa Ehihon The number I used to register my sportybet is 08107760878.I deposited #15000 into my sportybet account.before I knew it the money was withdrawn from my sportybet account.Furthermore extra#3000 was withdrawn from my bank account. Making it #18000 I HV bn calling the sportybet agent( Mr Michael Kingsley)He bluntly ignored my calls.Also, my sportybet account can no longer be accessible since this event. Pls I need my money.i will go to any length to to get my money back. I won’t rest until my money 18000 is refunded

  9. Good evening wot is the problem I withdraw money since four day ago and the money never enter ,pending since four days ago ,abeg credit my account ooo the thing is getting too long oo

  10. Pls this company are looking to my trouble u claim to give me bonus nd widraw all my 20.000 in my fidelity account pls return my money ooooo this is my line 07055912303 if u don’t won’t me to scatter ur company

  11. Pls my account was hack by 419 claim to b a sporty bet company the person transfer 20k from my back account to my sporty bet account immediately I run to log in but I CNT deu to security purpose, then I contact coustomer CARE to help me solve it ,, coustomer care told me that I av to wait for 24hrs b4 I can log in back BC os they help me secure my account,, so I need to wait for 24hrs.,,,,, wen 24hrs, reach I start log in back nd change my password nd pin as ur staff told me to do so , fine I can log in nd see my money back but futunatly the person av change my gmail account so I count collect my money back my money still on my sporty bet account pls help to get my money back

  12. Good day pls my name is Oluwatimehin opeyemi someone is using my sportbet to withdraw my money for bank just two day ago(11/12/21)at exactly 7,05 pm #2000 was withdraw from bank to my Spoty account which l complain to be deactivate and a Mail was send to me which l fill to deactivate the account and l call to verify but yesterday night @12,05am another #10,000 was also withdraw again through this sportybet account and they promise to send me details of who is this withdrawer is to me pls do something

  13. My name is Abdulraheem abdulwareez olamilekan a keystone bank customer. On the 30th of November 2021 something of the same nature happened to me from the same this soortypay. On that very day I didn’t have much light on my phone and it was night already around to 7pm, so I have to charge my phone hoping to use it following day in school. I plugge in my phone to power before I slept on that day. The following day in the morning I turned on my phone and I saw like 11 messages which were actually inscribed with my bank name worrying that I got unexpected messages from my bank. However, when I opened the messages I discovered that they’ve sent me OTP TWICE and followed by debit alerts of an unauthorised transactions in my account. The sportypay debited my account 285k and credited the money to sportypay account on pos pauchase even when I didn’t buy anspoything.

  14. Hi, good morning,all my money was withdraw from my bank account, and it’s a lot of money kindly refund my money. My account number is 0003156084 stanbic

  15. Someone collected money from me Named taofeek taiwo claimed to be sporty bet agent and he said he will help me bet I will get my money back but he has not been picking my calls

  16. Please help with a refund Bello Abdulrasheed
    Guaranty trust bank,here 8s taofeek taiwo account number

  17. Good day Sir or Madam, my name is Obi Emmanuel. I reported an unauthorized transaction that was done on my bank account which amounted to #351k n all U could provide to me is just a cell phone number claiming it’s the only thing Opay gave you n when my bank came to you. You gave them details of how the money was withdrawn claiming it was me. Did you ever think I am a fool. I went to Opay and explained everything that happens to them in their anti fraudulent unit and they told me to go back to sportybet and tell them to send them a mail regarding that which I did contact your customer service agent about and the reply they gave me is that they can’t send any mail to Opay regarding that. I would be coming to your head office in Lagos to see your MD and if I didn’t get any good response from him then I will get back to my Lawyer then we proceed to court. Opay have done their own part by blocking the said wallet which my money was transferred into and they have all the details of the person that did it but it’s just for your office to send them an email so that they can provide me with the person information but if your office failed to send the mail to Opay for the release of the person information and my money then it means you guys are defending him and we go to court. This is the number you claimed to have gotten from Opay regarding that 08122552313.

  18. I need help from Sportybet support or whatever it is whoever can help should please come to my aids. This is between life and death. Sportybet locked my account over a month now with sum of 61,000 on it. I’ve mailed the support multiple times called the number several times. All to no avail. This message has to get their organizers please help help help. I’m suffering

  19. Good evening Sportsbet please have been trying to withdraw Ten thousand five hundred Naira (₦10500) And it still pending till now please I need response thanks you

  20. Good morning my number has been blocked I have an account I deposit like twice before but is like someone hack account even I have not yes received my bonus

  21. Pls, I have an acct with u for over one and half years now and there has been no issue with my transaction and withdrawing Just yesterday night 28 September 2022 time 7.58pm my #31000 was deducted for no reason. It was my salary that I just received on the 27th of September 2022. Pls as I am charting with uu now I don’t have anything with me. Pls kindly help me out. I have not eaten since morning as I am chatting with uu

  22. I have a winning an I want to withdraw to an account and I forget transfer code , and I still press forget pin nd dey give me another one, till now I unable to withdraw my money am tired ooo plz wot can I do

  23. Sportbet I don know when you turn your company to scamm area,you don’t allow me to withdraw money from my sportbet account since last year

  24. I don’t understand what is happening, does it take 2 days to get credited after I successfully withdrew my winning…I have been waiting for alert for More than a day yet nothing came up where is my winning oh people of God?

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