Review | Legit or Scam?

Surelife.Online has emerged as a new player in the Nigerian market. Promising substantial daily returns and a unique crowdfunding model, Surelife.Online has garnered attention as a potential way to make money. However, before diving into this venture, it’s essential to understand what Surelife.Online is all about and whether it’s a legitimate opportunity.

What is Surelife.Online?

Surelife.Online is a recently launched Nigerian investment firm that facilitates earnings through investments. Describing itself as a care platform that relies on crowdfunding, it enables users to support one another financially by providing funds to the platform. The core idea is that your investments contribute to a pool that is distributed among participants. In essence, it’s a form of peer-to-peer financial assistance.

How to Join Surelife.Online

Getting started with Surelife.Online is relatively straightforward:

  1. Create an Account: Begin by signing up on the platform using the provided registration link.
  2. Deposit Funds: After registering, navigate to the homepage and click on the “Deposit” button. Here, you can add funds to your account by specifying the amount and following the payment instructions, including transferring funds to the provided company account details.
  3. Account Confirmation: After transferring the funds, input the sender’s full details, name, and bank transferred from on the confirmation page. Within 15 minutes, your payment should be confirmed, and the amount will reflect in your account.
  4. Select an Investment Plan: With your account funded, return to the homepage and choose an investment plan that suits your financial goals.

Surelife.Online Investment Plans

Surelife.Online offers a range of investment plans with varying capital requirements and daily earnings potential. Here’s a breakdown of these plans:

  • SureLife 1: N2,000 investment, N600 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N6,000 total earnings.
  • SureLife 2: N5,000 investment, N1,500 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N15,000 total earnings.
  • SureLife 3: N15,000 investment, N4,500 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N45,000 total earnings.
  • SureLife 4: N20,000 investment, N6,000 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N60,000 total earnings.
  • SureLife 5: N40,000 investment, N12,000 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N120,000 total earnings.
  • SureLife 6: N70,000 investment, N21,000 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N210,000 total earnings.
  • SureLife 7: N150,000 investment, N45,000 daily earnings, 10-day duration, N450,000 total earnings.

How to Withdraw on Surelife.Online

Surelife.Online allows users to withdraw their earnings once they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 1,000 naira. This is a crucial aspect for investors as it indicates the ability to access their profits.

Make Money Via Referrals

Surelife.Online also presents an opportunity for users to earn through referrals. The referral program works as follows:

  • Level 1: You earn 20% of the investment amount when you refer someone to join the platform and they invest in any of the investment plans.
  • Level 2: If your level 2 referral invests, you earn 7% of the investment amount.
  • Level 3: For level 3 referrals, you earn 2% of their investment amount.

Referral programs are common in investment platforms as they incentivize users to bring in new investors.

Is Surelife.Online Legit?

Based on our analysis, we can conclude that surelife is a ponzi scheme. The platform has all characteristics of a ponzi scheme.

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