Tai-b.site Review | Legit or Scam

Tai-b.site is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria where you can earn daily returns on your investments.

Benefits Of Joining Taibot

  • Newly launched: 25/9/2023
  • Minimum recharge is #2000
  • Minimum Withdrawal is #500
  • Invite and Get 30%(LV1) , 5%(LV2)
  • Withdrawal is 24/7  andNo fees
  • Registration Link :  https://tai-b.site

How to Make Money on Tai-b.site

Tai-b.site offers various ways to make money once you’ve joined. Here are some of the key methods:

  1. Investment Plans: Tai-b.site offers a range of investment plans, each with its own deposit amount and corresponding daily earnings. For example, you can deposit N2,500 and earn N600 daily for 35 days. Higher deposits yield higher daily earnings.
  2. Referral Program: One of the most enticing aspects of Tai-b.site is its referral program. You can earn a commission by inviting others to join the platform. The more people you invite, the higher your invite bonus, which can go up to 30% for Level 1 and 5% for Level 2.

How To Recharge

1. Minimum recharge is N2000, and the recharge time is 7*24 houN
2. If the app account balance is not reached within half an hour after the successful recharge, please contact customer service in time, and send us the account number and the successful recharge certificate.
3. Do not save the previous receiving account for transfer, the recharge receipt must match the payment amount. Avoid payment erroN
4. Do not transfer money to strangers, recharge must be completed in the APP.

How To Withdraw

Tai-b.site boasts 24/7 withdrawal options with no fees. This means you can access your earnings at your convenience without incurring additional costs.

Taibot Investment Plans

TAI BOT Unit Price Day Income Cycle Total Income
TAI BOT 1 N2,500.00 N600.00 FOR 35 Days 21,000 NGN
TAI BOT 2 N4,000.00 N1,050.00 FOR 35 Days 36,750 NGN
TAI BOT 3 N7,000.00 N1,800.00 FOR 35 Days 63,000 NGN
TAI BOT 4 N10,000.00 N2,500.00 FOR 35 Days 87,500 NGN
TAI BOT 5 N20,000.00 N5,000.00 FOR 35 Days 175,000 NGN
TAI BOT 6 N50,000.00 N12,500.00 FOR 35 Days 437,500 NGN
TAI BOT 7 N100,000.00 N30,000.00 FOR 35 Days 1,050,000 NGN
TAI BOT 8 N200,000.00 N50,000.00 FOR 35 Days capital + 1,750,000 NGN


Make Money From Referrals

Each deposit user can receive at least 30% of each invitation. The more people you invite, the higher the invite bonus for the corresponding level.

Is Tai-b.site Legit or Scam

It is a scam and a ponzi scheme

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