To U Loan Customer Care Number, Email & Whatsapp

NB: To U Loan is a Scam. Dont Pay any Money to them.

If you have paid money to them, consider your money gone.

This is To U Loan Customer Care Number including whatsapp number so you can contact the customer service representatives about any issue you might be having with their service. If you are looking for to u loan app review, then you are at the right place as we would provide you with all you need to know about this top trending loan app in Nigeria.

To U Loan offers the flexibility for you to apply for loans online. You can apply for loan up to 300000 NGN. They also offer low interest rate over several months. To be eligible for this loan, you must be between the age of 22yrs and 55yrs.


Email Address
Office Address 1320 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Abuja

Reasons Customers Contact To U Loan

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66 thoughts on “To U Loan Customer Care Number, Email & Whatsapp”

  1. I apply for a loan since on the 8/09/2021,I was ask to wait for 3 to 5 day’s, till now I’ve not had anything,I even made transfer of 4999 to one Wema account

  2. Hello good afternoon , please I ask for loan and I was ask to confirm the payment but there is nothing that was sent to me and when I check it was weman bank account number am seeing which is not my account number

  3. Kindly tell me the authentication of to u loan, how many months would I use for repayment and which account would i pay the #5000 ,because I want do transfer. Thanks

  4. How far, kindly update if you have been credited, because I also been tried to make payment for the same purpose of getting loan but not getting true before now reading your message here.

    • I didn’t made any payment to them, someone reported them to me. I think I should follow up this matter strictly.
      I’ll go through the app for verification and more details and if it’s true wema bank must produce all details about them or require to face EFCC.

  5. I jus5made a transfer of 4999.00 but nothing was done after the payment to one wema bank.

    Can you please tell me what is happening? I dont want to believe this is a fraudsters.

  6. I apply for a loan since on the 3/10/2021 and I have made a transfer of 2799 to this wema bank account.
    Account number: 7055994142
    Account name: qusikeji-N0

  7. I apply for a loan since on the 3/10/2021,and I have made a transfer of 2799 to this wema bank account,
    Account number: 7055994142
    Account name: qusikeji- NO
    and I have not see my loan

  8. I don’t understand this app, is like it only take money from people without giving them their loan. I applied for a loan and paid N2,799 and uptill now I have not received my loan.

  9. Hi sirs,
    Why after collecting people’s money, you are not given out any loan?
    Tell me why this will not be termed as a scam.
    Please advice because I am afraid now.

  10. What’s happening? a renowned institution of this Calibre should be guided by the principle of good governance and transparency backed up with efficiency in it’s operations. I applied for a loan, it was approved and I was asked to pay an equity of N4999 I did only for the platform rejecting disbursement. You guys are giving a wrong message. Please refund if unwilling to disburse

  11. I equally just transfered N2777 a couple of minutes ago and there has not been a my sort of confirmation on the payment.Please what is happening?

  12. To u loan is really a big scam. I am also a victim too. May God almighty punish all you people in Jesus name.

    I will report to the appropriate quarters.

    Kindly refund my money

  13. Wema bank should be sanctioned by CBN for allowing to u loan to use their bank to perpetrate fraud against innocent Nigerians. I was asked by same to u loan to pay #4899 before I would be credited of my loan since 11 October 2021. I have not received any further messages from to u loan. Please EFCC should go after the owner of guikeji account with Wema bank, I am sure Wema bank is collaborating with to u loan to dupe us.

  14. Pls if you guys can loan me pls refund my money back to my account I was ask to pay 2199 to wema account number 7050360119 from access bank account number 1384950617 and they tell me it as not Been received pls and pls refund my money if you can’t loan me

  15. It is good to always look into comments of people before venturing into online thing like this.

    With the opinion of people here, these people are nothing but SCAMMER.

    Be guided.

    • Pls if you guys can loan me pls refund my money back to my account I was ask to pay with card to from GTB acct and they tell me it has been received pls and pls refund my money if you can’t loan me

  16. Hello sir,
    It was a pity I fell into there hand today, I paid #3899 to there Wema bank account with effidence, but I will let them know that God is great and there is no where prayer can not get to.

  17. I did a payment of 3899 to this account number, bank; wema bank. Account number; 7048606430. Account name; gusikeji_No. loannr_202110180807079751.
    With this account name; Barugu possa Izibegile but uptil now I have not gotten the loan I applied for. What’s happening?, my phone number is 07060471497.

  18. I made a payment of 4409.75 to WEMA account number sent to me by To U Loan and immediately after the payment on 22/10/2021, nothing is heard from To U Loan again. Should I believe that WEMAbank collaborate with this guys to dupe Nigerians? It’s horrible.

  19. I was asked to pay #3899 by To U loan into a wema bank account 7051900136 gusikeji No LOANNR but l paid #4000 instead up till now l hv not recieved my #170,000 kindly verify and let the needful be done or my #4000 should be returned to me through this my acct FCMB 2253529010 thanks

    • I was ask to pay the sum of 3999 naira to wema bank account to secure a loan of 70000 naira, after making the payment for the loan nothing has been said to my account, no information at all.chai

  20. I knew and perceived it was a scam judging by the way it is set up. I was sceptical when asked to pay in a security fee in a wema bank account. Posterity will catch up with you for duping and scamming innocent Nigerians from their hard earned money. Una no go die better in jesus name. This particular account holder and wema bank should be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities. Thieves…. Barawo bansa. God punish all of una for TO U LOAN ooooo. IBK say so….fire burn u all and your entire family members…

  21. It is always good to research before taking any financial decision. Thank God for the internet. Always read about anything before committing your hard earned money into it.

  22. This app is scams pls, i downloaded it today and apply loan of 170k which ask my to pay #4399 for sencurity deposits as the wrote it .. ( pledges) which refundable after payment of loan.. Now they now send msg to me that they will work on it 3-7 working days even if am not eligible to it they will not return my deposits… This is a scam and we need to report To u loan to EFCC for defrauding people… Pls

  23. I made payment of 3999 to get a loan of 70000 from to u loan after my payment was made successfully to the wema bank account number sent to me by to u loan company, know respond from them tell now and know payment has been made to my account. I will definitely wait for them but I will report to efcc

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