Review | Legit or Scam?

Vulcanma is a new money making platform in Nigeria that lets users earn money through various investment plans and referral programs.  Vulcanma claims its an engineering firm that has partnered with the Nigerian government to execute various projects in Nigeria. It claims it wants users to invest in these projects to earn daily returns of about 10 – 20%.

Vulcanma Benefits

Sign Up Bonus: Enjoy an instant ₦500 when you sign up for Vulcanma. Make sure to join their Telegram channel ( to receive daily cash rewards.

Withdrawal Flexibility: You have the freedom to withdraw your earnings whenever you wish. This gives you control over your income.

Investment Packages: Vulcanma offers a range of investment packages, each with its own features and potential returns. To begin, choose a project that aligns with your budget and goals.


How to Make Money from Vulcanma

Vulcanma has multiple ways you can make money.

Investment Plans: Vulcanma offers a variety of investment plans, each with its own price, investment cycle, daily profit, and total profit. By selecting a plan that matches your financial capabilities, you can watch your earnings grow over time.

Referral Program: One of the most exciting features of Vulcanma is its referral program. Invite your friends to invest, and you’ll earn a substantial commission. For instance, if you refer a friend who invests ₦10,000, you can earn a commission of ₦2,000. Your potential earnings are limitless—the more friends you refer, the more you earn.

Vulcanma Investment Plans

Vulcanma offers a range of investment plans, each tailored to different budgets and goals. Here are some examples:

1. Mambilla Hydropower Project

  • Price (₦): 2800
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 30
  • Daily Profit: 312
  • Total Profit: 9360

2. Second Niger Bridge Project

  • Price (₦): 9000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 30
  • Daily Profit: 912
  • Total Profit: 27360

3. Dantin-Kawwa Irrigation Canal

  • Price (₦): 25000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 15
  • Daily Profit: 3168
  • Total Profit: 47520

4. School Expansion and Renovation

  • Price (₦): 65000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 15
  • Daily Profit: 7680
  • Total Profit: 115200

5. Cameroon Nachtigal Dam

  • Price (₦): 100000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 15
  • Daily Profit: 16320
  • Total Profit: 244800

6. N’Djili, Drinking Water Treatment Plant

  • Price (₦): 180000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 15
  • Daily Profit: 30720
  • Total Profit: 460800

7. Social Security Housing Projects in Rabarez, Mauritius

  • Price (₦): 280000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 5
  • Daily Profit: 60000
  • Total Profit: 300000

8. CAP Djinet Seawater Desalination Plant

  • Price (₦): 550000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 5
  • Daily Profit: 240000
  • Total Profit: 1200000

9. Fouka 2 Seawater Desalination Plant

  • Price (₦): 1000000
  • Investment Cycle (Days): 5
  • Daily Profit: 528000
  • Total Profit: 2640000

Make Money from Vulcanma through Referrals

Invite friends to join using your referral link, and you’ll unlock unlimited opportunities to earn and grow your balance. It works like this:

1️⃣ Copy your referral link: Share your referral link with your friends, family and colleagues. Every time they sign up with your link, they become your Tier 1 customer.

2️⃣ Boost your income: When your level 1 clients deposit funds into their Vulcan account, you will receive 20% of their deposit amount as a referral bonus! The more money they deposit, the more money you make.

3️⃣ Expand your network: But wait, there’s more! When your Level 1 customers refer their friends to Vulcan using their own unique referral link, these new users will become your Level 2 customers. Every time your Level 2 client funds their account, you earn 5% of the deposit amount.

4️⃣ Automatic Balance Boost: No need to manually track your earnings. Your referral bonus will be automatically added to your account balance, making it easier for you to monitor your growing rewards.

5️⃣ Unlimited Potential: There is no upper limit to the income you can earn through referrals! The more people you invite and the bigger their deposits, the more you earn.

6️⃣ Flexible Withdrawal: Withdraw your referral bonus directly to your preferred payment method. You can also use these bonuses to sign contracts for exciting projects or withdraw the profits you earn.

Example income:

✨ If your level 1 clients deposit ₦100,000, you will earn an impressive ₦20,000 as your referral bonus!

✨ When your level 1 clients decide to deposit ₦500,000, you will enjoy a generous referral bonus of ₦100,000!

Start inviting your friends today and start the money-making frenzy. Remember, your Level 1 customers are those who signed up using your referral link. Have fun earning and investing with Vulcan!


is Legit or Scam?

Vulcanma is a ponzi scheme.

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