Wizkid Phone Number, Whatsapp Number + Address 2021

We are providing you with real wizkid phone number and his whatsapp number so you can contact him for whatsoever reason you need him for. Wizkid is one of the top talented Nigerian artiste who has received numerous awards for his songs. He is also behind some of the popular songs in Nigeria. If you are a number 1 wizkid fan, then  here is how you can show your support and let him know. H is the ceo of starboy record, if you want to be signed to Nigeria starboy records, then contact him through the following channels. Also if you want to book wizkid for a show, below are the avenues you can use to get across to him.


Whatsapp Number
Phone Number
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wizkidmusic
Twitter https://twitter.com/wizkidayo?lang=en
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wizkidayo/?hl=en
Website https://www.wizkidofficial.com/


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    • Hello sir my name is Michael adedoyin okikiola but people call me mickey frosh. Why am texting you is just to tell you that I really need your help in my life am good at singing and i have an interesting and surprise song for you sir here is my contact 08164775227

    • I love to make music to wizkid, so am be here for a long time now, I need him is the hope in my life, so here is my name and my WhatsApp number, location, logos state. Name Tony. +2348079470737

  1. Good evening sir Hello wiskid I need help I’m a rugged person I can be secure you to anywhere you want to go my name is Ade my phone number is 09063702443

  2. Hello my hero my mentor my idol my boss my inspirational speaker you inspire me i love you so much my name is mamoud jalloh i live in sierra leone free town my wassap number is+23280351534

  3. Hello sir good afternoon sir my name is David am from edo state but I live in sango Otto I need your help sir I like acting comedy and songs please sir here is my number 08109343260

  4. My mum broke my phone ? because I play ur music every time y she gido that was because she put a Christian casset so immediately she want out to buy I change it to us she came get annoyed ? and collected my phone ? and broke it.
    So i want u 2 buy. Back my phone ?

  5. Please I don’t know if we can talk but I am really good at singing and I would be glad if u can sign me to starboy entertainment

  6. Hello ? sir I can dance so I need your help if you can help me and sign me this is my phone ? number ? 08135560108

  7. Am musician boy i need help me wizkid i need you in my ilfe i know you can sponsor me pls i know how to sing every well my nigga call me judo jay i need your help seriously i want you to sing me pls i like to meet you seriously if i meet you i we be happy pls i know you can do it that is the why i need your help seriously pls this is my number 09139142420 pls can me and help me sir

    • Sir all I want is your help about my studies and nothing more,
      I promise to make you proud if you can sponsor me may Allah bless you more than ?

  8. My name is olamilekan baddest ..then I lived in sagamu ogun state ?

    Then my purpose of writing you this to Dad Boluwatife which knows as Morayo but the world know him as top 1st Musician ,I mean he is the future of Nigeria..
    So I used to dream about you star boy..because I believed that 1 day I’ll stood by your side ..I want to stay with you BOSS ??..so here is
    contact and what’Sapp digit is 09042329404

  9. My boss Wizkid I go by the name cashleca I’m here to kill any kind of beat for you star boy trust me I want to make money by music ? also you can try to feel my vibes I mean this

  10. Hello sir good morning my name is chinonye wisdom I need ur help i am a dancer i can dance very well 2ly my
    parents re very poor we don’t money to feed our self please in need ur help and don’t hw begging from others please ???? my is 2347011547786 or 07011547786 pls don’t forget to do so good bye and enjoy your ur self

  11. Wizkid please am an upcoming musician
    I need help
    My WhatsApp number: 09063087867
    Please try to reach me if u see this comment????

  12. WizKid am candy and I can sing if u will help me out or sign me to starboy 08142439088 u can watsapp me to confirmed all the music I have written down sir please I need ur help

  13. Hello sir to say the main truth is that I want to become a new super star in Africa ,trying to make it in life,finally I want to become a singer ,i have song that I have written so need a help from you please.it will be well with you in Jesus name.

  14. Wizkid number one.
    As usually I always fallow ur music career.
    I had been commenting here always but u never reach me.
    Am a musician as I usually wrote it here.
    Please sign me to be under u.
    Every where in Nigeria is hard please I need ur help. 09022954489

  15. Hello good evening sir please my name is thank God but my friends call me hember white please l want to be a Singer like you please Sir l need your help Sir this is my phone number WhatsApp number+2347018755644

  16. Good day sir my name is Jeffrey I’m from Delta State, and I have two reasons of my comment 1 I really love your songs 2 and I need your help because I’m a musician and I don’t know where to start and I think you can help me because God create everyone with good heart of help so sir please help me, and I will be greatfull if you can accept me as your boy thanks for understanding sir you’re welcome and here is my phone number sir 09122616584 you can call me or text me on Whatsapp

  17. Please boss wizkid help me. Am tired of life no helpers. Please i really need your help. Please sir try anything you can do for me.. Please help me. My name is Henry Emeka… My phone number is 08059717955… My account number(3118506097) first bank.. please anything you can do for me please…

  18. Hello sir,my name is T_BOY I also want to be singing but I don’t see who can help me. You are number one musicians and I like your voice on how you use to sing ur music.pls help me sir .
    //What’s app number//_08062474696.thanks sir I will really appreciate if you allow me to meet there.

  19. hey wiskid
    you are talented and rich
    but still you don’t show off
    you are the talk of everybody, headlines in people’s news
    I was amused when you help tems to become the upcoming star but still nobody know
    you don’t brag,you always on a low key
    I just pray one day someone like you hear and like our music
    And help us,those of us who is struggling to make you listen to our song
    long live almighty WizKid

    09123247211 my whatsapp number the day God say it my turn

  20. hey wiskid
    you are so talented and rich but you don’t do show off
    you are the talk of everybody and headlines of people’s news
    I was shocked when you help tems and nobody knew of it
    you don’t brag,and you always on a low key
    I just pray one day someone like you listen and like our song
    and help those of us who are struggling to become a star
    and also tried hard to make people like you listen and hear our song
    long lives Almighty wiskid

    the day God says it my turn

  21. Wizkid where are you…I want to see you,
    Every day my brother I’m chilling with my niggas so day ehhh, we smoking and run am… giving thanks to Jah every day, inside I’m feeling it

    Please Boss ♥️??, this is my number 08062086343,09055357874
    My email address charlesomonse@gmail.com

  22. I’m John Oluwalose. I resides in Ogun State, Nigeria. I am a Computer operator and also a stylist.
    Brother, I need your financial support in starting this venture before this year end sir. I will be so grateful sir. God will continue to strengthen you Sir, Amen.
    Contact: 09070606588
    My bank : GTBank- 0212355289

  23. General daddy yo, I appreciate you for making we Nigerian proud and I thank God for keeping u strong and healthy, may your days be long to see ur upcoming brought up stars,I wish to be good and brave like u

  24. Dear sir,
    A lovely and blessed day to you. I am hoping if, within your capacity, you can empower me to commence vulcanizing business. Though am a graduate but I had to learn vulcanizing business so that I can put food on the table for my family. I’ll be forever greatful if you ease my affairs. Thanks.

  25. Hello I’m by name
    Youngie.Tk exact, I love all about you and your songs
    I have something to tell you please if I mentioned something wrong please forgive me
    I have been praying for a long time before my dad and my mom Live me please I don’t know what to say for you to hear me out please I’m talented in singing, is not that I’m proud of my self,.but I can try my best., But please I truly want to become a musician like you please is because I have no one to help me and that’s what I love music must, please I’m staying in Abuja. this is my contact.08120823512

  26. Hello boss man….I be your best fun….. from childhood….till tomorrow…u still be my best artist….and I day sing….but I need your help…. please sign me to your record label…I promise you… things will go well by the grace of God….dis is my phone number 08102387369…. please help me out…I won’t to put my enemies into shame????

    My name is LIPKID, I’m not your fan, “But” I’m your LOVER…. Am not a musician But have gat something so similar to you but don’t worry will tell you everything when we meet!!!!
    I’m writing you this note because i don’t want you to have any collaboration with Davido because i know he would want to show off which am 100% sure you don’t have time for::: I’m asking you to skip that part and move ONN!!! Incase you want to see me that’s my mom’s number 08054940491

  28. My name is Abdulaziz Hayatudeen i live at sango i swear have struggle for people to hear my song i sang soneg and put it on audiomack but i only need support please am using your family name to beg you pleas sir help me am in ss1 please sir dont mind my class am a good singer my stage name is Koredey i have songs on audiomack only my parent dont love music and i told them to support me but my mum confese my dad not to please you are the only one i trust that can help me please

  29. Hello, my name is Bella.
    Am from engugu state, I have a senior brother who sings, but needs a sponsor.
    Pls I will be so greatfull to hear from you.09028470636

  30. Sir please I am and up coming DJ but I don’t have any body to take my up so please I need your help please.sir and God will bless you too this is my WhatsApp number 08115759443 Thanks

  31. Good morning sir
    My name is ukachukwu Silas am 17 years old and
    am from imo state but base on Port Harcourt Rivers state.
    My purpose of writing this is because am looking for someone to sponsor me in music because am good in singing
    Sir I will be happy if only you can be a helper from above to me thanks
    Hare is my phone number

  32. Good day
    I’m oruh mandy from lagos
    I’m talented in singing songwriter
    But no mentor to help me,
    Sir I need ur help.
    My whatsapp number
    Remain blessed sir.

  33. My name is ejiro and I happy to write this letter to you sir and the purpose of my writing is to tell you about my talent first sir I am a singer second I am a dancer and third I am a comedy and I am happy this letter will get to you sir

  34. Hello sir ?.
    Due to humble respect sir.
    My name is Nazir Nasir Umar, i’m from gombe state. I just want you to help me please sir.
    I’m good in music, but i don’t have a God father, can you please help me to be your boy?
    Thank you sir. Bye
    This is my phone number 07063474639.

  35. Good morning sir my name is skylove Samuel I am up coming artist I can sing very well sir but nobody wants to sponsor me in my career I have about 15 songs and their freebeat please sir help me out my number 07041558595

  36. Good evening sir, how are doing, I just want to let you know that I’m very happy to reach you here I know you can see my comment and I want you to know that when I hear your songs I feels joy and happiness and you your songs gives everyone joy and happiness in life and the purpose of me writing this is to tell you that keep up sing sweet sings and I am by Name Adu ushahemba Paul from Beune state for in Case if you want to add me up own WhatsApp this is my number 08050861019……. popular knows as Ad slim

  37. Good day star boy am diamond boy and I am a singer I really need your help to grow music is part of my life it what I love doing most help. Me boss

  38. Good day star boy am diamond boy and I am a singer I really need your help to grow music is part of my life it what I love doing most help. Me boss my number sir 07013111582

  39. Hey, I am dani am a student of Federal polytechnic of Ilaro
    I nee ld financial assistance for my education, pls any body can help

    Acc Num 9039156199
    Bank: Opay
    Acc Num: 2392390800
    Bank: Zenith Bank
    Pls show love no amount is small

  40. Good evening sir my is Godlove Emmanuel am a vibrant and intelligence man pls help me to complete my education.

  41. Good evening sir my name is Godlove Emmanuel am a vibrant and intelligence man pls I need ur help to complete my education. I can’t be able to reach u pls this is my contact 08101452241 WhatsApp

  42. Big wizkid I love your music
    So well and I always listen to your music anytime,and as as a star boy we have to respect you, big wizkid I need your help, there is no money please help me. Thanks

  43. Big wizkid I love your music
    So well and I always listen to your music anytime,and as as a star boy we have to respect you, big wizkid I need your help, there is no money please help me. Let me give you my account number: 2181044075 UBA

  44. Hello Mr making rain every season pls I need ya epp pls help me sir my name is olaniran lawal aka lalexyno I can sing and am a song writer pls big wiz

  45. I am a musical I want to sing I a studio but when I found out the money was too much so I went to ask for money but they did not give me please I want to be under your label please and your own boy please I can sing a sense music you can try me ones please 09129571554 I live at ajegunle

  46. sir am a little musician but i need help am not even alone i have a friend to call dan kiss sir if you can help us out we will be so grateful to you

  47. Hello Mr, Wizkid please I need your help sir, for my education our family was poor,pls sir am looking for opportunity to reach you sir,do that for me sir,my phone number and my WhatsApp number is 09039529252

  48. My name is Peter j
    From ogbomoso oyo state
    I’m a musician please I need your help
    My phone number is
    07031543836 MTN

  49. Good day sir, my name is Ahmed Mubarack, but commonly called weez dee. Sir, i’m a very tanleted singer and also good at song writing, but i see no one to help me and i believe you can. I have been your fan since 2012 at a very young age, but i’m currently 18yrs old and my what’sapp number is:08076488733 thanks wizzy.

  50. Happy Birthday long life with prosperity Age with grace more calendar to destroy you we never lack of anything you want keep enjoying


  51. Sir I need your help sir
    Am 19 years old boy
    Am from osun state osogbo
    In kajola ile area
    Am a musician rapper and singing
    Music is my dream
    Am upcoming artist,even I can’t call myself upcoming artist
    Cause I got many music written down on note book with me
    I have no audio out because I have no money have gone to some amny record label
    Which dey said I should go bring money b4 the record for me,and I know is truth
    But I don’t have money
    Have stated singling since 2015
    Till now
    Nobody know me,and am talented,but u can’t know am talented until u see me online or see my post
    Every time I dey think of how i we get link
    Pls help me sir, u know everybody got everything finished, some people go have
    Some we not have
    God wat he is doing
    But my enemies are saying am not going to make it i n life
    But I want to surprise them
    I pray to God to help me from the course
    I don’t pray for my enemies to die o,but am praying for them to see dat have get rich ,and they should be shy to look at my face,and they should be crying for it, that they should know not to do it to me
    I want you to prove yourself
    Even if u haven’t know me and heard my name b4
    Just try me and take me to studio make I perform
    So u we see maybe am talented or not
    And I know if u do dis to me,u we be proud of me
    Pls contact me
    Show yourself that you are a good person
    U are like a father to me. Am small just 19years,going 20years next year’s
    Pls contact me on WhatsApp(09045940434),Facebook (Da ma lux),Gmail(flowhboy@gmail. Com)
    Pls help me,my stage name is Flowhboy thanks you sir

  52. Big wizzy .respect
    It your mikegold official upcoming artist you can
    I love your song .
    Whatsapp number 08169261971 thanks .
    I wish you can view it ..I will be happy

  53. Good day sir, how is your day going I hope all is well, all glory to God almighty.
    My Name is PETER PHILIP from Benue State. AKA Ten kobo.
    CEO of Bizzy Brain Entertainment.
    I’m good in Dance, Music, Comedy, Including DJ.
    But know One to help me Sir
    I pray God almighty touch Ur lovely heart ❤️.
    Pls sir help me.
    God almighty that makes all possible Bless you.
    My phone number is

  54. truly truly sir wizkid I really need your help if you could help me am a student am Isaiah from Owerri imo state I dont have anything doing so all my hope is on you am depending on you sir wizkid please am begging you here is my number 08140619958

  55. Wiskid my name is smart I don’t know if you are see what I’m writing but actually I really want you to help me because I and I really have this feeling in my mind that if truly you see this message you will help please I don’t know how to tell you this I know is had making money but please wizzy help me

  56. I was the man that Akeem 360 bar at Elegushi beach. When those touts were dragging those bouncers. Only me move them away. You and Wandy coal sir..

  57. Good morning my honourable machala. plz sir i need ur financially support am a student, sir my parents are dead and i barely survive. Plz sir help. Thank u my number 07048585358
    acc no:6318935060
    bank:fidelity bank.

  58. Good morning my name is igbuho Kennedy gift I’m an artist I can sing very well but no help mama nor get money my father nor get too I come from a very poor background which I have to suffer before I eat I’m from eco state my family leave in Benin I’m in Lagos now because of my music career I don’t have we’re to leave yeah in Lagos I’m sleeping on car wash stand we’re there is no roof over my head , anytime is raining I start looking for where to hard , lord help me anyway please I’m not asking for any body that we give me money I’m looking for people that can’t make my dreams come true I love music music is my dream please Nigeria help me, if nobody help me with we’re to leave but can help me make dreams come true I will be happy here is my new song link https://audiomack.com/officerizzy/song/why
    My Twitter: officialrizzy9n Instagram; officialrizzy9n
    TikTok: officialrizzy9
    Telephone number: 09153568510
    Gmail: officialrizzy111@gmail.com

  59. Wizkid:Baba, please I need your support,I want to rent shop for my fashion business, please support me to become a great person in life,God will continue to bless you in multiple ?

  60. the only eye eyes in the world may you fly save. may thy eyes of volture regnize you as and airlord engin rogged you. i fynez-c by name, the blue red and yellow vomitters singer in the world an above. i put wrong true even heaven regnise me as a whild singa. i’am true with thy assigment you giving to me boss am waitin 4 ur pickup thank you boss man. 08051770863

  61. Good morning sir my name is chigozie I know how to sing and I need your help my phone number and my WhatsApp number is 09018010059 please big brother machala

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