wwwcsl.com Review | Legit or Scam?

wwwcsl.com is a freshly launched telemedicine investment platform. But what exactly does that mean? At its core, wwwcsl.com allows users to invest in the medical field, particularly in the realm of diagnostic laboratory equipment. The platform claims to operate as a diagnostic laboratory, conducting tests and diagnoses for people every day.

The company has an ambitious vision – to acquire new diagnostic equipment. To fund this endeavor, wwwcsl.com is inviting investors and partners to join in and contribute to these equipment purchases. In return, they promise to share the daily profits generated from the utilization of these diagnostic tools.

How to Join wwwcsl.com & Make Money

Joining wwwcsl.com is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Registration: To become a member of wwwcsl.com, you’ll need to register on their website. Simply follow the registration link provided on their platform.
  2. Earning as a New User: As a new user, wwwcsl.com welcomes you with a registration bonus of 800NGN. Additionally, you’ll receive a daily login red envelope containing anywhere from 50 to 300NGN.
  3. Earning Income: wwwcsl.com offers multiple ways to earn income:
    • Purchasing Equipment: You can earn by purchasing equipment packages. The income you receive depends on the level of equipment you choose to invest in. For example, at level one (LV1) with an investment of 5,000 naira, you can earn 29.7NGN per hour or 712.8NGN per day.
    • Referrals: wwwcsl.com encourages you to refer friends and family. When they invest or purchase equipment, you earn a 20% cashback on the equipment purchase amount. You also receive commissions on the equipment income of third-level members, with varying percentages (10% for first-level, 2% for second-level, and 1% for third-level members).
    • Lucky Wheel: Inviting friends to recharge and purchase equipment qualifies you for the lucky wheel. There’s no upper limit to how many times you can participate.

wwwcsl.com Investment Plans

wwwcsl.com offers a range of investment plans, catering to different budgets and earning goals. The minimum investment plan requires 5,000 naira and allows you to earn 712 naira daily for 60 days. The intriguing aspect of wwwcsl.com’s investment plans is the daily earning potential, which varies from 12% to 30%, depending on the amount you invest.

Here’s a breakdown of the investment plans:

  1. Plan 1
    • Product: V1 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 712.8
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 29.70
    • Cycle: 60 Days
    • Price: NGN 5000
    • Expires In: 60 Days
  2. Plan 2
    • Product: V2 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 1428
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 59.50
    • Cycle: 60 Days
    • Price: NGN 10000
    • Expires In: 60 Days
  3. Plan 3
    • Product: V3 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 4992
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 208.00
    • Cycle: 90 Days
    • Price: NGN 30000
    • Expires In: 90 Days
  4. Plan 4
    • Product: V4 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 13332
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 555.50
    • Cycle: 90 Days
    • Price: NGN 80000
    • Expires In: 90 Days
  5. Plan 5
    • Product: V5 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 24984
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 1041.00
    • Cycle: 120 Days
    • Price: NGN 150000
    • Expires In: 120 Days
  6. Plan 6
    • Product: V6 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 99998.4
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 4166.60
    • Cycle: 120 Days
    • Price: NGN 500000
    • Expires In: 120 Days
  7. Plan 7
    • Product: V7 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 249984
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 10416.00
    • Cycle: 180 Days
    • Price: NGN 1000000
    • Expires In: 180 Days
  8. Plan 8
    • Product: V8 Blood Tester
    • Income Per Day: NGN 999984
    • Income Per Hour: NGN 41666.00
    • Cycle: 360 Days
    • Price: NGN 3000000
    • Expires In: 360 Days

Make Money Via Referrals

One of the most appealing aspects of wwwcsl.com is the plethora of money-making opportunities it offers.

Cashbacks: As a first-time investor, you’re entitled to a 20% cashback on equipment purchases. This is a great incentive to get started.

Referral Commissions: By referring friends and family to wwwcsl.com, you can earn a 10% commission on the equipment amount they purchase. Furthermore, when their referrals invest, you benefit as well. These new investors become your level 2 referrals, and you earn 2% of their investment amount. There’s also a third level with a 1% commission.

Raffle Draw: wwwcsl.com even incorporates a raffle draw into their system. To qualify, all you need to do is invite a referral who invests in any investment package.

Is wwwcsl.com Legit or a Scam?

Now, the all-important question – is wwwcsl.com a legitimate investment opportunity or a potential scam?

The answer is a bit complex. wwwcsl.com presents itself as a telemedicine investment platform with a unique approach. However, it’s essential to exercise caution. The platform operates on a multi-level marketing system and offers high daily returns, which can be red flags.

The term “long-term investment ponzi scheme” is used in the provided text. While it’s harsh to label it outright as a Ponzi scheme, it’s crucial to understand the risks involved. Ponzi schemes promise high returns but rely on new investments to pay existing investors. They often collapse when new investments dry up.

Despite this, there are some positive signs. The platform has recently launched, and there are reports of people successfully withdrawing funds. This suggests some level of sustainability.


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