Xenova.tech Review | Legit or Scam?

Xenova.tech is a newly launched networking platform in Nigeria designed to combat poverty. Its mission is clear: to equip young individuals with a sustainable way to earn money, diverting their focus from unproductive pursuits.

How to Join Xenova.tech

To become a member of Xenova.tech, you need to pay a one-time registration fee of ₦4,500, which you would use to purchase a coupon code to complete the registration process. You can purchase the coupon code on xenova.tech when you click on the activation token menu. This would load a new page filled with contact details of vendors you can purchase the coupon code from.

How to Make Money on Xenova.tech

Xenova offers various ways to earn money. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Welcome Bonus: You get ₦2000 upon joining.
  • Login Bonus: Earn ₦200 each time you log in.
  • Sponsored Posts: You can make ₦300 by engaging with sponsored posts.
  • Xenova Claim: A simple task that rewards you with ₦100.
  • Affiliate Commission: Referring others can earn you ₦3,550 in commission.
  • Indirect Affiliate Commission: Get ₦200 for indirect referrals.
  • 2nd Generation Affiliate Commission: Earn ₦100 for referrals made by your referrals.

Other ways to make money on Xenova

Xenova.tech offers a range of features:

  1. Xeno Claim: Allows you to earn ₦100, claimable for free.
  2. Marketplace: A digitalized market for advertisers and business owners to promote their products.
  3. Contests: Engage in social media challenges and earn money if you come out on top.
  4. Social Media Tasks: Perform daily tasks on social media to earn a residual income.
  5. Xeno VTU: Sell airtime and data to make a profit.
  6. Digital Courses: Access high-value digital courses to enhance your skills.

Make Money on Xenova.tech Through Referrals

Yes, you can earn on Xenova.tech even without referrals. However, referrals can significantly boost your earnings, making it a more lucrative venture.

Is Xenova.tech Legit or Scam?

Xenova.tech is legit and currently its paying. Its a legitimate affliate website.

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