Air Peace Flight Time Table & Price for All Destination

Air Peace, a prominent Nigerian airline, is known for its efficiency and popularity among Nigerians. This article discusses the significance of the Air Peace flight timetable, which is essential information for travelers. The airline’s efficiency has garnered a large customer base.

The article provides insights into Air Peace’s major domestic routes, including Lagos to Abuja, Benin City, Kano, and Enugu, along with minor routes like Sokoto, Yola, Kaduna, Uyo, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Owerri, and Akure. It also highlights international routes to destinations such as Accra, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Atlanta, and more.

To secure cheaper flights on the Air Peace flight timetable, three key factors are emphasized:

  1. Day: Ticket prices vary based on the proximity of booking to the departure date. Booking at least six weeks in advance is recommended for cost savings.
  2. Time: Air Peace determines ticket fees based on specific flight times, varying by destination.
  3. Class of Service: Air Peace offers three classes – Economy, Premium Economy, and Business. Each class has different ticket prices, with Economy being the most affordable and Business offering the most baggage allowance at 40kg.


Air Peace Flight Time Table

Flight From and To Schedule Time Price (x2.1)
P47120 Lagos to Abuja 05:30 ₦ 117,131.75
P47110 Lagos to Ilorin 06:00 ₦ 109,760.20
P47150 Lagos to Owerri 06:00 ₦ 102,928.30
P47190 Lagos to Port-Harcourt 06:00 ₦ 117,131.75
P47816 Lagos to Asaba 06:30 ₦ 102,928.30
P47176 Lagos to Benin 06:30 ₦ 102,928.30
P47002 Lagos to Akure 06:30 ₦ 103,935.70
P47210 Lagos to Warri 06:30 ₦ 102,225.90
P47111 Ilorin to Abuja 07:20 ₦ 102,273.20
P47151 Owerri to Abuja 07:30 ₦ 102,273.20
P47121 Abuja to Lagos 07:30 ₦ 103,002.90
P47423 Kano to Abuja 07:30 ₦ –
P47003 Akure to Abuja 07:50 ₦ 103,002.90
P47102 Abuja to Enugu 09:00 ₦ 102,273.20
P47376 Lagos to Kaduna 09:00 ₦ 135,107.70
P47555 Lagos to Dubai 10:00 ₦ 635,702.50
P47995 Lagos to Accra 10:00 ₦ 366,962.40


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