Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria [Year]

Sun King solar products are known for being affordable and accessible, particularly in areas without reliable electricity. They offer various products for lighting, phone charging, and entertainment, with options for different budgets.

Sun King solar products are designed to be modular and scalable, allowing you to start with a basic system and add more appliances as needed. They have features like smart battery management and LED displays for battery status.

These products cater to various needs, from portable solar lamps to solar home systems with lights, phone charging, radios, and even televisions.

The price of Sun King solar products in Nigeria varies depending on the type and size of the system. For example, the Sun King Home 600, a solar home system, is priced at 56,000 NGN outright, while the full package with a 32-inch TV costs 222,500 NGN.

Sun King solar products are known for their durability and eco-friendliness, using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.

You can find Sun King solar products online on platforms like Jumia and Konga or through authorized dealers and agents in Nigeria. They offer a range of payment options to make solar energy more accessible to everyone.

Sun King Solar Price List

Here are the Sun King solar products and their prices in Nigeria:

  1. Sun King Pico Plus: A portable solar lamp that costs 6,200 NGN.
  2. Sun King Pro 200: A solar lantern with phone charging and a digital LED display, priced at 17,500 NGN.
  3. Sun King Pro 400: A super bright solar lantern with two USB ports for phone charging and a digital LED display, costing 22,650 NGN.
  4. Sun King Boom: A 3-in-1 solar device combining a lantern, radio, and phone charger, priced at 20,341 NGN.
  5. Sun King Home 40: A solar home system providing light and phone charging for up to four rooms, priced at 34,490 NGN.
  6. Sun King Home 120: A solar home system offering light, phone charging, and entertainment for up to four rooms, costing 69,000 NGN.
  7. Sun King Home 200X: A solar home system providing light, phone charging, entertainment for up to six rooms, and a 19-inch LED TV, priced at 58,550 NGN.
  8. Sun King Fan: A solar fan offering cooling and ventilation for up to eight hours on a single charge, costing 50,094 NGN.


Additionally, Sun King offers a solar TV package with a 32-inch HD LED TV, a 40W solar panel, a 122Wh battery, and four LED lights.

Sun King Home 600 costs 56,000 NGN outright and 222,500 NGN with a 32-inch TV. Sun King Home 120 is priced between 47,000 NGN and 51,500 NGN.

Sun King Home 400 costs 45,000 NGN outright and offers four hanging lamps, motion-sensing security light, a portable torch, and a 19-inch digital TV.

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