Baba Ijebu (Premier Lotto) Customer Care Support (Phone & Email Address)

Below is Baba Ijebu  customer care contact support phone numbers and email address. Get Baba ijebu pay me my dough Contacts. Baba Ijebu also known as premier lotto customer service representatives can be contacted via the below channels.

Head Office

Lagos (Head Office) –
112 Funso Williams Avenue, (formerly Western Avenue)
Surulere, Lagos.


Branch Office

Sango-Ota –
1, Otun Crescent,
Off Ijoko Road,
Sango-Ota, Ogun State.

Enugu –
53, Morehouse Street,
Ogui – Enugu.

Ibadan –
42/43, Darlington Street,
Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo.


Customer Service

Email Address:

Phone Number: +234 01-793 7511



Social Media

Twitter:  @playbabaijebu

Instagram: @playbabaijebu




Baba Ijebu also known as Premier Lotto Limited (PLL) is a Gaming Company founded by Kessington Adebukunola Adebutu which was incorporated in 2001 and was established to carry out the Lotto business in Nigeria.

Premier Lotto comprises of a management team that has over 40 years combined experience in the gaming industry and has been able to leverage on such experience to develop, sustain and strengthen the business over the years thus giving rise to one of the biggest lotto practice in West Africa.

The name Baba Ijebu was coined from the Founders and CEO’s background of Ijebu land.



157 thoughts on “Baba Ijebu (Premier Lotto) Customer Care Support (Phone & Email Address)”

    • I have been calling your number since, customer’s care, but it did not go. Pls, what is the problem? I want to ask you a question. S

    • I have a problem I winning babaijebu lotto on daiman 24 55 when I try to play out you tell me no any update winning available please I need you attention for me

    • I play fortune (3) three ticket on Thursday 19/09/2019 online it shows successful, and they didn’t send the ticket to me and I won one ticket out of the three. Please you people should do some thing urgently.

  1. My names are Ajulo Michael, I played last night game on tota , and I won, but I have been unable to cash out. Kindly fix this problem. 02 /09/ 2019

  2. I play with my Android on Sunday night (Tota), I have not seen my money….Normally they will credit me but now nothing has been done…

  3. I could not cash out my winning yesterday though this would be the first time for such to happen. Customer care lines not going through, simply a waste of time! Kindly rectify this issue on time because you are aware that I have stipulated time/days to cash out my winning.

  4. Why am I unable to cash out my winning online if I have not been denied access to playing? It wasn’t like this before. Rectify whatever is responsible for this issue without delay.

  5. I won today they did not credit me what happened again.i hope there’s no problem

    The game is (Total 18 68 86)this morning game pls help.

  6. I won premier lucky yesterday(20-10-2019) and up till now the payout is not going through.. My phone/y’ello diamond account number is 08108420033. Please, help resolve. Thanks

  7. I noticed that whenever I play baba ijebu with my phone I won’t get any txt message from baba ijebu…I just play Enugu now and I have been confirmed that my bet has been place but I won’t get any text message that my bet was successful after deducting my money…Pls look into it..this is the third term now…

    • Since Sunday 08_03_2020 Hope the money is saved till we can payout or you people should credit my AYA with my winning amount #6240 account number is 7783665647 and phone number is 09030680833

  8. My name is oluwatosin odius,I play Gold today 8/11/2019 and i won the sum of #56,400 I play palm3 eight numbers and I got numbers I stake it @20 and I stake the palm2 @20 also and I got no alart in DYA account,pls I want you to do something.

  9. I play royal yesterday morning up till now I did not receive any message of winning, the phone number I used to play the game is 07062251096,. Date 29th of November 2019

  10. i won yesterday gold they sent me wining report thats my wining will pay on i dont know how get the money can you please and leed me out

  11. Hello sir/ma, i bet a bonanza game on friday 6th and they collected my money, when they know that there was an holliday, sir/ma this is the ticket number as follow:
    1.Tk No:BON-609-QIRL-184720-200

    2.Tk No:BON-609-HLDB-184622-449

    3.Tk No:BON-609-BDTQ-184452-564

  12. Have won total game since three day’s ago and have not pay out since then and another game will be bet tomorrow.
    This is the Tk no:TOT-1167-BPGT-211757-346

  13. I won peoples 12k tru my phone line and I was unable to cash out since yesterday… pls advise me on what to do because it has never be like that before.

    • Hello, i won vag on 17/04/2020 but i am unable to cash out my money pls why this bcos its not like dis before.Here is my diamond yellow acct 6683470069 & win ticket pre vag-1479-TSHL-220534-449 150.0 2400.0. My phone no is 07069346709

  14. Hello i played a babaijebu sport bet and i won two tickets on thursday 9/01/2020 and till nw i av nt beenable to cashout

    • I play and won and the money that was transferred to my account was not adding to my main balance in my account now I can’t withdrawal the money till not what can I do pls?

  15. Please, i was unable to payout my winning from my account.
    I won ENUGU game yesterday but i was unable to pay out.
    This is my phone no: 08133675719.
    I would be glad to hear from you.

  16. The only thing I don’t understand is that, did MTN Nigeria ignored all this nonses.
    I won TOTA and it was unable to pay out up till now.

    I have been calling your customer care and the number provided by your service.
    09063664853 is my number.
    I need quick response.

  17. Since yexterday this is message i have been receiving when ever i click on payout

    Your payout request has failed. Please call the Baba Ijebu team on 014663270. Your request may have failed due to you only having a Tier 1 DYA account.

    The number they ask me to call is not going. Please here is my number. 08167052181 should incase i did not receive from my email

  18. Your payout request has failed. Please call the Baba Ijebu team on 014663270. Your request may have failed due to you only having a Tier 1 DYA account.
    What is meaning..

  19. i won people game since on monday,and up till now am unable to receive payment,
    what happen
    please try and resolve the issue i need the money.thank you

  20. Please I WON Jackpot on Tuesday since then I can not pay out to my yellow account and jackpot is playing today again,pls help me out

  21. I won diamond on Monday morning since then ave not been able to do payout and it will make seven days tommorow pls help …ave called ur customer care line many times its not connected…

  22. I won diamond and im unable to pay,i tried calling you customer care number but not tired of all this mess,pls do something phone num 07036552513

  23. Since yesterday I they try cash out all I get back from baba ijebu is this message..your payout request has failed. Please call the baba ijebu team on 014663270 . Your request may have failed due to you only having a tier 1 DYA account. And the number is not going tru since yesterday morning

  24. I won super game on last week Saturday but I could not payout on my phone. I don’t know what happen till now

  25. Pls help me. I have four winning tickets but can’t payout…. I went to the bank yesterday to update my acct…. With my national ID card, current nepa bill and one passport photograph… Still yet i can’t payout….. This is my phone number… 08067052235. And my AYA acct…. 3380662913

  26. I av a winning on my phone since Monday am unable to make a payout kindly let me know the new method because this is not my first time of playing on my phone

  27. I won babaijebu on Gam Friday jackpot 10#and clubmaster Saturday 10#then yesterday Wednesday night locky 50#tickert up to date have not been credited my account I don’t know what happened customer service number no response pls do something about it urgently and paid our money my no I 08034473233 Mr ILIYA AWEL thanks

  28. I have won four times now n am unable to pay out, anytime am trying this is what it saysYour payout request has failed. Please call the Baba Ijebu team on 014663270. Your request may have failed due to you only having a Tier 1 DYA account.

  29. I have won four times now n am unable to pay out, anytime am trying this is what it says Your payout request has failed. Please call the Baba Ijebu team on 014663270. Your request may have failed due to you only having a Tier 1 DYA account.

  30. I won mark 2 since almost 3 weeks now and I can’t payout, I have called series of time yet nothing, please resolve this issues. I need the cash

  31. I don’t know why I have been trying to register with my email address and it’s saying unfortunately theres an error with the email provided

  32. I won metro today with *755# pls how do I get my cash? I won it with 50 naira on this my line 08065087161 which is 90, 21 this is my account number firstbank Haruna Eneojo Shedrack Acct num:3073535844.

  33. Good morning i play bonanza games yesterday and I won and mtn didn’t send the results and I didn’t know what to do in *755#

  34. Good day,please I play today premier Bingo loto which i won to my surprise up till now they have not credited me,please do something fast

  35. Good morning sir or ma, I won yesterday premier bingo loto which I have not been credited up tii now

  36. I played and Win Premier Gold Lotto yesterday morning 2020-07-14. Since then I haven’t received my winning payment uptill now here is my phone number that I use to register and play the game. 09034082770 thanks.

  37. I played international game on this code *755# on Thursday 10/9/2020 and I won #20 ticket an you didn’t credit my account till today. Why?

  38. I won vag 2sure on Friday night but till now I can’t cash out, I follow the procide but it is showing me that no unpaid winning bets available.please how may I go obout it, customer cere wipe my two thousand naira on call but did not connect me to were I will laid my complain,

  39. I played fair chance on Saturday #30 ticket I won, they messaged me but when I want to process my wining it telling me there is no wining unpaid .
    12/09/2020′. I.d: 12246; TCBN: 204144422

  40. I won #2400.00 premier royal today 18/9/2020. and *755*4# said they have paid ,and my AYA account has not been credited .pls do something about your system. my phone number: 07046908331

  41. Still don’t understand why have gotten my money since last month 28th 2020 gold👉 ((47*74)) till date have hear from your management , still don’t get was going on have sent email to your management most time still on still not see my money what is happening. I need my money.

  42. I play Diamond on the 7 the Oct 2020 and the message to me that I have won but my money was credited to babaijebu account that I should call babaijebu to play me

  43. I play on my phone on Friday and Saturday and I won the to game but to my surprise they said they av payed and an not received any money in my account I play with my airtel line

  44. Please I won #20 ticket on premier vag since 18 of September 2020 and you people send me a message that you have sent my money to the that you opened for me, but I don’t see credit alert, and all my effort to talk to your customer care is zero please help me on this,

  45. Please what is going on bcos I can b playing game and you take your money from my account and when I won they we be know replied. Not even Refund of own money 2bad

  46. Pls,I play peoples yesterday,and I clam my prize,and I sent my detail since yesterday there not credit me please,,,,my phone number is 07030046272,,my account number :0295647914.Gtb

  47. I won people game this morning on my phone..*755#. 22_10_2020 ..and I was ask to call ur line so u can tell me how to clim my winning … calling since ..but not collecting…. What could be the reason?

  48. Pls i won bingo, 22,,10,,2020,,, since den i was nt credit wat is d issure it never be like this before . Help me out.

  49. pls I won national
    I didn’t see my payout
    and I won’t to withdraw
    pls help me out
    dis is my account number

  50. I mistakenly withdraw to another account and I have chat with your member,I was directed here. My Username 2347047166035 I made the transfer yesterday around 10:32am my account number is 0214138600 I was told I made the transfer to 0021413600 which am not sure I did because I checked the account before I made the transfer, i need your assistance and the screenshot of the account I was told that I made the transfer to so that I can take it to bank and complain

  51. I won national since 3 weeks now I was unable to claim my money .i played online and i receive message from MTN that my winning has been send to babaijebu pls help me send my money.this is my number 08032401307

  52. Hello i won gold yester morning on my phone are no see the money collected uptill now this my number pls 08147769145

  53. My phone is 07069035874 I won 14 41 vag game .please help me transfer my money to my access diamond account 0031281642.Sofade oluwaseye olaitan .thanks

  54. Is like something worry to their site, I won jackpot I want to cash out dey tell me no winning bet.i won d game on 4/12/2020 #10 ticket

  55. I bet on premiere 06, 1363 of 23.01.2020 and I was referred to your Costomer care up till now nothing has been done about it sir. I shall be waiting for your response

  56. Please how do I claim winning played with 755. Because am used to payout then transfer to DYA from there to DIAMOND but when I tried it, I saw no unpaid winning because the message I received read it has been move to mean while, a contact there keep on saying I can call the number please you people should help me out.

  57. Pls I won enugu on Wednesday and I don’t now what to my money bcs I don’t now what appon to my account pls help

  58. Good evening sir /ma, please I won yesterday on bag game 3 18@#10 but I can’t get the cash from my access account My phone number is 07033891673. How do I get it sent into my access account?

  59. Good morning sir, please I need your help. I deposited some money in babaijebu acct and it hasn’t reflected yet and am worried

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