Brekete Family Phone Number

A lot of people have been searching for brekete family radio phone number so they can contact the radio station for whatsoever complaints they have, especially the northerners in Nigeria.

if you are someone who watches the brekete family program very well, you would understand that having the official phone number to call the program is very important.

You can get to meet the founder and presenter Ordinary Ahmed Isah.

Nigeria Phone Number 0909 9887 700,  0818 8891 011
Whatsapp Number 0909 9887 700,  0818 8891 011
Email Address
Office Address Plot 1184 Kaura District, Abuja, Nigeria.

About Brekete Family

Brekete Family is a reality radio and television program focused on human rights. It airs on radio and cable television, and streams online through social media platforms and Human Rights Radio 101.1 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Brekete features real events and issues bothering on success motivation, human rights, advocacy, investigative journalism and contemporary societal issues.


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  1. Dear Team,

    I write to inform you that today being the 30/09/2021 at around 5:57pm I was on one of your driver’s car, he drove me from Chocolate mall to Dar es salaam crescent and when I was stepping down I forgot to pick my leather containing my PSG Jersey and my football boot.

    I was hoping if you can please help in anyway possible.

    Thank you.

  2. I have been trying to reach ordinary president and brekete family,,,please I desperately need brekete family help, because I have an urgent complaint

    • Una hembelembe.
      Pls my ordinary president sir, my name is ifeoma okoli base in Gauraka Niger state. I brought complaint concerning one Mr Frank okoli of the same address. For harrassment,intimidation and treat to life for matter that is not suppose to be matter. He said I don’t hv anybody ,he did not regard my husband as anything. I took the matter to maiangwa they cushioned him but he continued. He said we can take it to anywhere nothing will happen even if he kill the whole family because he is well connected. Pls my ordinary president sir, I need your help and brekete family in this case,you are our last hope because you are the hope of the hopeless and voice to the voiceless. I have done the affidavit and the letter of complaint on 9th feb 2022and the date given to me is Oct 3rd 2022. Pls sir I know u hv too many case in ur hands .Pls sir,help my family the treat is too much for us. My phone no is 08032311185 and 07085250307.Thank you sir .

  3. Good day sir. My name is Bridget A Mamman from kaduna state. I lost my dad since 2005 when I was 12 yrs. my mum has been the reason of our survival till date. We are five children and am the eldest daughter. My dad serve with the Nigeria ?? police force NPF before his departure, he left a plot of land and a house in the village where his wife and children can align any day they went to the village, but he kept my grand mother to stay in the house to serve as a guidance taking care of the house. Since his departure non of his siblings had come to check on us and any time we went to the village we have to buy our personal food stuff and and domestic items till we come back, looking at how things was my mum decided to restrict us from going to the village till when my grand mother died. Before then
    He bought a large plots of land where he took a little potion of he’s and the invite all of his siblings whom want to build should cut their own portion to build and four of his brother built there. At the later end my dad two brothers sold there house when there were critically ill but unfortunately could not survive, the other one start but could not finished he died while the forth one build his house before he died and his wife children and grandchildren still lives in the house till date. My complaint here is please am pleading to the boss himself to help me fight justice because the only survivor uncle I have is not fighting with me spiritually and physically, simply because the house is empty and
    the building structure is dilapidating no one to clear the bushes and maintained the house again. Suddenly then my two sister got admission into kaduna polytechnic and my mum thought of selling the house to pay for their school fees and materials that was when the war began “saying that we are girls so we don’t have any rights to on our fathers property.” My kid sister had to dropped out simply because they deprived us of our rights. Please ordinary president come to our aid as it is now we’re suffering, no food to eat, I just graduated from polytechnic with HND. My siblings both have hand work, one is a fashion designer, and the other one is a caterer our lasts born is still in secondary so but he has been at home since last year lack of school fees and am here in Abuja squatting with a friend roasting fish . Please my able ordinary president help me. May the good God help you too. Amin

    THATS MY FATHER’S NUMBER.08087043791

  5. Please I’m totally hunt by people that scammed my money that they are doing visa for me which was fake the eat my money which I was saved for years. Because he knows that he pass me and there is nothing I can do to him but I was crying until a man dilect me to you good man.

  6. My name is goodluck ibe
    Please my younger sister currently schooling at oko polytechnic, went to a pastor by name David charlse who convince her by that she need to pay some money for prayers which she paid out of fear the some of #145,000 which the voice calls and evidence the pastor accepting the fact that the money was paid for prayers before she paid for this prayer she told the pastor that this money is what she have to sustain her self and the pastor told her that she need to pay and will be receiving financial help from the church please help to ask this pastor how can this girl survive after collecting sure amount of money.. the pastor phone number +234 706 745 9237
    Please a girl still in the level of ND I student

  7. Good day ordinary president and brekete name is Anthony Joel and my number is 08186576130
    Am here to let you know that i submit a letter with court affidavit since November 2020 and up til now you have not call me in respeect of my complaint. i came to ur station over and over but you ask us to stop hanging around that when it is our turn you wil cal us
    I wil be very grateful if my name is amoung the people you will cal for this month.

    Thank you sir.

  8. My name is Gabriel Daniel Agou,
    I have been trying to talk to the peoples’ voice (Berekete) for the past two weeks now but his numbers are not connecting.
    pleases Sir, my younger brother was arrested by Kogi state vigilante group since June last year, at beer parlour in Lokoja. Upon the rest, they beat him mercilessly handed him over to DSS, that he was a kidnapper without any evidence to show for it. We succeeded in taking him out of DSS custody to remand in Kabba prison. The case is now in Court but each time, we appear in court ,is either the DSS Lawyer will be absent or the Judge will not be around. We have spent a lot of money in trying to get him out but it is becoming difficult by the attitudes of the Judge and the DSS Lawyer. Last two weeks, a bail was granted which demands that we bring a serving house of assembling and a councilor as sureties. We tried all we could to get the sureties but we could not. Our lawyer promised to get us access to the sureties on the condition that we provide 300,000 naira to him which we don’t have and our brother is still in prison.
    Please, we need your help because, have nothing left to help our brother.
    My contact Tel: 0816095362/09062195417…
    Thank you Sir.

  9. Good morning sir, how are you work and family. Am Martha Sale from Your state, Potiskum local government. Sir I have been trying to contact the Brekete Family contact for the past one week is not connecting and am seriously in need of your help Sir. I had accident last two years back and suited fracture and dislocation on my leg we went to Kano State for surgery thanks to God it was done successfully and the surgery is two years and the iron is disturbing me, I did X-ray and send to the Doctor who contacted the surgery he said we the place where I had the dislocation has heal completely that we need to go so the the iron there will be removed and it will cost two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) plus our transportation, feeding and other things will reach like Three plus (330, 000) we save 150,000 please sir I need your help. This are my phone numbers 08153926925 / 08166254164 thanks Sir

  10. Gud morning My name is Usman olayiwola yesterday morningn by 12 am I take a taxi vehicle dat is loading from idoo junction to begger when I get down forget to my bag containg laptop inside I be glad if I can get de laptop 07032486299

  11. Good morning my ordinary president sir my name is sm JOIN GO sir I am nigerian navy personal im saving for nigerian navy base banda kogi state sir we have location for okene local government area sir the location is create to make sure okene local government is save but sir we are they best enemy for there sir I am telling you i swear almaty god sir we are those killing innocent people anyhow sir we join band with vigalante and hunter’s we the go carry suspect or vigalante the will bring some sir we are almost three years to today we never carry any suspect to the police or our base banda sir even my OIC his join hand with kogi state governor ni his on the send people to our camp sir anybody that his ever wllh sir I’m still trying u we are killing people that if you ask them what they did the carry them to wllh the can’t tell you anything about it sir they reason why I want to to help me that yesterday night we go to arrest one man from his house those because he was talking to the local government chairman like allah ya isah his use hausa tell him we live u with god god will jog you that all sir and if we go to arrest anybody his family the no go no where is ther family member go The will think or na kidnappers or military wllh even they die nothing like motuary or hospital we will just carry there died body go and throw away in the bush like dogs or i was talking to you sir even Nigerian navy base banda CO his don’t know what is happening for hear about it because it’s not are awar and even when he was coma to lugad as new CO he tell the OIC of the location that his going to visiting to the location sir this man as ours to carry them to another place in night before the CO come and after he go back we go and carry them back i can send you there photos how we The control the like pick animal no food no water there sleeping in out side wllh oga am not lie for u and u are the only one that has to save this life and return them to their parents because no anyone of those boys that the dont where are or there a life or the dont die if to say u will arew me i will send you there’s picture for whatsapp

  12. God bless una for brekete family, my name na okonkwo Emmanuel, myself and my uncle was duped of 8 million naira by a man that claimed to work in Japanese embassy, and gave us fake Visas, and we have written to the police in force CID and the man was arrested and released after collecting money from him, and he’s claiming nothing will happen again

  13. Good morning to breketefamily,
    My name is Now,I reside in Akwa Ibom state.
    Please I need a contact to either ordinary President or admin for urgent complain please.
    Pls note that is important and urgent.

  14. Good afternoon. i and my sister entered Berekete taxi yesterday 14th july 2022 at about 6 :10pm and ran away with our change he will kill us and nothing will happen. this is his no. 1361 his plate no. is KUJ744XC. we only entered because is Berekete family car.

  15. Good morning Brekete family. My name is Odimegwu Felix, I base in Enugu. Please I registered with Mewozone (forex) and investment company here in Enugu in the month of July 2021 with #2,000,000 and also I brought in a widow who registered with #400,000. The company paid us return on investment of two months (i.e August ànd September 2021). Since then, he has refused to pay us both the return on investment (ROI) and the main capital with we invested. He now hides from me whenever I visit the office.
    Please help me so our money could be paid back to us.
    Thank you all!

  16. Good day . I will like to formal complaint about the conduct of an Abuja taxi with Berekete Taxi tag no 1429 who plate no starts with KUJ…. I boarded the taxi at Jabi park side heading to Berger . I told him I was going to drop at Berger before bridge where I can get lugbe cab. To my surprise the driver stop me at about 100 meters away from Arab junction. Saying that is Berger stop . An argument ensued and he vowed to take beyond my destination if I didn’t drop at the spot he stopped at. I insisted he dropped me by Berger bridge park . He started insulting me . He even left the steering to drag me by cloth when I tried to drop before the Berger bridge. I was shocked at his unprofessional and abusive conduct in view of the opinion I had about Berekete Tagged Taxi . It was the first time I experienced such manner of abuse and violence. I had to go and drop at somewhere close to Skymemorial. I am making this report for necessary cautionary action to be taken . One bad egg can soil such good reputation Berekete tagged Taxi have in Abuja . Thank you

  17. Good morning to all the brekete family, my name is Mrs Elizabeth Dickson Anayo a woman of 34 years old, living in Abuja with a husband, 3 children and am heavly pregnant for the forth child. Please I unrgently need the help of brekete family because my landlord has given us till Monday next week to move out of the house we do not know or have anywhere to go because there’s no money. The man that is owi ng my husband some money has refused to pay so we can settle the landlord, he does not pick our call anymore. Please do something for the sake of my children. God bless you as you and your team look into my case as it is very urgent .

  18. Goodmorning Brekete Family. Family members are mocking us, having paid for infrastructures or years, nothing to show. Not even a message from you guys. Whatever be the case, we ought to be in the know. Waiting for your responses. Thank you.

  19. Good afternoon Brekete family.
    My name is Onos, an sending this message from London.
    I have a report to make regarding a tailor that was advertised on brekete program so I decided to use him(Sulaimon Sodiq). He has refused to take my calls or my friends call who is supposed to pick up my clothes from him and send them to me in the UK. I paid him in full #90k naira for the clothes. He failed to deliver on the agreed date and has refused to give my friend the clothes to send to me. He is not even taking our calls or replying my WhatsApp messages. Please help me.

  20. Pleasant morning to My ordinary president and all Brekete family I’m Chukwuma Friday Onyiriuka by name, a native of Owerri north Imo state of Nigeria. A good friend of mine introduce Brekete family program to me. I had industrial accident in Al-sharja state in UAE , crane was lifting 22 KVA generator and I was the safety officer there so I don’t know what happened between the crane operator and the generator it cute and failed on me.which affect my spinal cord since June 2017 till date my walking with aid. The company turned their back on me, no financial assistance in any form.Please I need the help of Brekete family over my right, my personal phone number is (08146974180 or 07012626149) email

  21. Thank God for getting on touch with you sir, I have a serious problem of which need your intervention. May the almighty use you to fight for me and recover all that peter Endurance has taken from me fraudently and now I am suffering, can’t
    have my salary, can’t pay my house rent ,children school fees, treat my mother etc for over a year now and he refused to do any thing about it even he refused picking my calls. ??????
    morning sir
    I am Blessing Kur . I am a civil servant working with Nigerian Copyright Commission There is this man who works with ministry of Women Affairs who is taking my salary for over a year now and refused to stop even when I reported to his organisation they told him to stop and refund my money but he refused and any where I take the matter whenever they invits him to come he refused to show up and at the end they will not take the matter serious. I reported him to about 3 Government enforcement agencies but of no avail.
    My mother was seriously sick in year 2020 and I collected loans to treat her so when her health condition did not improve as I wanted I decided to access another loan in July 2021 with microfinance bank but I was told they are not giving loans becos of centra bank directives so a colleague gave me the man’s number that he give loans to the staff of our commission incng directors so I was convinced so I called the man, he asked me to forward my details and I did becos my colleague told me that many staff from our commission do access his loan. The man now collected more than what I demanded by using my bank account details which I did not give him and collect loan of N486,000 in my name which I am paying back double the amount. I was not aware of the banks he collected the loans and I did not sign any documents. when I am opprtune to get to you I will explain vividly. Pls help me recover the money, though its little I was taking out of it to fund my mother for check ups, at Dala hospital Kano, now I can’t, she is walking with stick now becos of severed pain she need a support and her health is getting worst. I have being operating a deficit account for over one year now becos of the excess deduction When salary is paid he will clear all the remaining. To transport myself to office, feed and take care of my baby is a problem, I have to be begging from colleagues. Pls help and God will continue bless. you

  22. Good morning sir my name is blessing ikhamate, from Edo state , sir we need ur help my aunt son has been sick for the pass to year , dey said is bornmarrow , every week we use to give dat boy blood , is not getting better rather is getting worst , sir pls ???? help us , we ve uses all of our money, we ve money lift , I don’t want the boy to die , pls sir I bey u wil the name of God almighty…

  23. Good morning sir my name is blessing ikhamate, from Edo state , sir we need ur help my aunt son has been sick for the pass to year , dey said is bornmarrow , every week we use to give dat boy blood , is not getting better rather is getting worst , sir pls ???? help us , we ve uses all of our money, we ve money lift , I don’t want the boy to die , pls sir I bey u wil the name of God almighty…

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