Palmcredit Customer Care Whatsapp Number & Contact Details

You can now contact palmcredit customer care via their whatsapp number, email and office address. Palmcredit is your surest plug when it comes to loans. They offer a lot of personal loan packages that would fit your needs. If you have been searching for palmcredit office address for a while, then your search ends now.

Nigeria Phone Number  017001000 (8am – 5pm, Mon-Fri)
Whatsapp Number  017001000 (8am – 5pm, Mon-Fri)
Email Address
Office Address  Ogunnusi road besides county hospital, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria


Palmcredit Office Address

Ogunnusi road besides county hospital, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria

About PalmCredit

PalmCredit is a virtual credit card that makes it easy for you to access a loan anytime and anywhere. Palmcredit offers loans of up to ₦100,000 within minutes on your mobile phone.

Palmcredit offers a wide range of the loan products that will satisfy the needs of most customers. Loans range from ₦2,500 to ₦300,000 with loan term durations of 4 – 26 weeks and equivalent monthly interest which ranges from 5% – 28%.


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15 thoughts on “Palmcredit Customer Care Whatsapp Number & Contact Details”

  1. Good morning pls I have made my payment since on 2nd of this month through transfer because the mobile app get problem and the debt is still showing on my dashboard plsss help me 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Good morning I’ve been collecting loan times without number with my wema card but today the card was declined I want to know why

  3. I paid 45,000 instead of 41,333 on 19th September offline payment to your account, u guys went ahead to deduct 41,333 twice ( 82,666) from my account on 20th. U guys reverse only 41,333, I av called your customer care numbers wasting my credit, all effort prove abortive.. If u guy av decide to fraud me let me know, so I can tell the world about it… Please refund my 45,000, all my payment details are intact to prove my point

  4. I paid #11,800 through my GT a/c 0159650115 and was not successful and I had retry my palm credit a/c ****3507 and was successful. To my surprise The both a/C’s was debited and that’s screen shot of the repayment receipt.

  5. Good morning, pls I have made my payment of 14.029 since on the 25/10/21 through transfer and the debt is still showing on my dashboard.
    I have been transferring money into this account, now they said i paid into wrong account. Please i don’t want believe it.

  6. Repayment of loan VIP!!,

    I paid 21266.70 yesterday morning to this account number 0818498156 access bank, because i was having issue with the app. I have sent a proof of payment for loan VIP on the 07/11/2021 to the WhatsApp number given to me up till you people have not cleared me of that and you people went to my account to widrew 5k plus for what reason i don’t know. Please you people should clear me of that loan and return my 5k back to my account.

  7. Palm credit are 419s, they are fraudster, you make payment through transfer, send then evidence of payment, yet they will not you up, and the interest will be increasing.
    They are big thieves.

  8. I requested a loan of #23 500 and you didn’t send the money to my account and my dashboard remain showing this loan I don’t you wether send the money to my account or clear the dashboard

  9. Hello, good evening . I have been calling for hours and I’m not getting any response. Is your Palm credit Platform a SCAM OR FRAUD ? PLS I NEED MY MONEY BACK TO VE REDUNDED .

  10. Pls what’s going on I borrowed money from palmcredit have been trying to pay back even to transfer from my zenith account number it’s not going not like Fairmoney pls how do I pay yhu guy’s my time has due and yhu keep adding interest when have been trying my best to pay back.may God punish who introduced me to fuck palmcredit I would have been with Fairmoney instead I have a Fairmoney atm now they even opened a wema account for pls help me let me pay and never do business with y’all again

  11. Hi,
    Are you still in business?
    I found a few errors on your site.
    Would you like me to send over a screenshot of those errors?

    (714) 500-7363

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