Review | Legit or Scam? is a newly established investment platform that made its debut on September 24, 2023. It proudly identifies itself as a global investment firm committed to crafting long-term investment solutions for a wide array of stakeholders, including investors, corporations, shareholders, communities, and individuals. With a sprawling global presence spanning 29 offices across five continents and a dedicated team of over 2,200 professionals, Carlyle boasts a staggering $385 billion in managed assets distributed across various business segments and investment vehicles. Their core philosophy centers on responsible and prudent investment practices geared towards delivering sustainable returns over extended periods. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the legitimacy and viability of as a money-making platform.

How to Join

Becoming a part of is a straightforward process. To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: Register with using the provided registration link.

How to Make Money on offers multiple avenues to boost your earnings. Here’s how you can make money on this platform:

1. Make Money via Investing

Your primary route to earning on is through investments. The platform offers a diverse range of nine investment plans to choose from. Upon registering using the provided link, you’ll receive a complimentary Reward product called the Gift Fund. This Gift Fund is a welfare fund issued by Carlyle Fund designed to enhance user investment income and loyalty. Investment Plans

Product Daily Income Cycle Quantity Price (₦)
Reward Product 1% 365 days 0
Experience Fund 10% 3 days 1/1 ₦3000
Carlyle E1 4.1% 7 days 2/2 ₦7000
Building Materials Fund 3.4% 15 days 2/2 ₦10000
Fuel Fund F3 2.6% 60 days 3/3 ₦20000
Electronic Fund 2.3% 90 days 7/7 ₦50000
Solar Fund F15 2.2% 180 days 5/5 ₦50000
Agricultural Fund P1 2.1% 90 days 5/5 ₦100000
Credit Fund C13 1.8% 180 days 2/2 ₦1000000

2. Make Money via Daily Check-In

By regularly signing in to, you can earn a daily bonus ranging from ₦80 to ₦100. Encourage your friends to sign in as well to maximize your earnings.

3. Make Money via Invitation Bonus

Inviting others to join Carlyle can significantly boost your income. When your referrals make their first recharge, they receive a 5% reward. Additionally, they can earn a 7% commission every time they purchase a fund product. You can also earn:

  • 5% and 7% bonuses on your referrals’ actions.
  • A 10% reward on fund products, which is locked for 365 days.

The commission structure varies based on your level:

  • A-level members earn a 7% commission.
  • B-level members earn a 4% commission.
  • C-level members earn a 3% commission.

You can withdraw the 5% and 7% bonuses immediately, and when the 10% reward on fund products unlocks after 365 days, you can also withdraw it.

4. Make Money as an Agent via Team Bonus

Carlyle offers opportunities to earn as an agent through team bonuses. They nurture your professional growth and development and view your success as their own. You can earn salary bonuses based on your team’s size and performance:

  • A team of 10 members purchasing the fund can apply for a salary of ₦8000.
  • As your team size grows, so do your potential earnings.

Additionally, when your team’s total performance reaches certain milestones, you can apply for additional rewards.

Is Legit or Scam

Based on our research, appears to be a legitimate platform for earning money. It launched on September 24, 2023, and operates as an investment platform that rewards users for investing and promoting the platform. To maximize your earnings, consider registering using the provided registration link and receive a free ₦550 bonus. Remember that with investment platforms like, early participation often leads to higher returns, so it’s worth exploring if you’re interested in investment opportunities.

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