hbi.com.ng Review | Legit or Scam?

HBI.com.ng is a recently launched trading and investment website designed to help individuals trade daily and receive daily returns. They claim to employ sophisticated state-of-the-art robots capable of trading and generating daily profits. Essentially, it’s a platform that allows you to put your money to work and earn daily without the need for active trading.

How to Join HBI.com.ng

  1. Sign Up: To embark on your investment journey with HBI.com.ng, start by signing up through their registration link.
  2. Login: Once registered, log in using your credentials.
  3. Deposit Funds: To begin, navigate to the “Deposit” page and select your preferred deposit method (BTC, ETH, Paystack). Most users seem to prefer Paystack. Enter the desired amount and proceed to make the payment using the Paystack payment gateway.

How to Make Money on HBI.com.ng

Now that you’re all set up, let’s dive into how you can make money on HBI.com.ng:

  • Choose Your Investment Package: After making your deposit, select an investment package that aligns with your preferences from the options provided.
  • Start Earning: Your investment journey begins, and you can now monitor your earnings. HBI.com.ng promises daily returns, so you’ll see your profits accrue regularly.

HBI.com.ng Investment Plans

HBI.com.ng offers a range of investment plans to cater to various financial goals. Here’s a snapshot of their plans:

  • Silver:
    • Price: 2,700.00 NGN
    • Amount: 20,000.00 NGN
    • Returns: Every Day
    • Capital Back: No
  • Platinum:
    • Price: 2,200.00 NGN
    • Amount: 10,000.00 NGN
    • Returns: Every Day
    • Capital Back: No
  • Premium:
    • Price: 1,200.00 NGN
    • Amount: 5,000.00 NGN
    • Returns: Every Day
    • Capital Back: Yes
  • MAX:
    • Price: 350.00 NGN
    • Amount: 3,000.00 NGN
    • Returns: Every Day
    • Capital Back: No
  • Starter:
    • Price: 200.00 NGN
    • Amount: 1,000.00 NGN
    • Returns: Every Day
    • Capital Back: Yes

Make Money on HBI.com.ng Through Referrals

HBI.com.ng offers no affiliate bonuses, meaning you won’t earn extra by referring others to the platform. Your earnings solely depend on your chosen investment plan and the daily returns it offers.

Is HBI.com.ng Legit or Scam?

Yes, its a scam and a ponzi scheme.

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