We-goodluck.com Review | Legit or Scam?

A lot of new investment platforms are launching daily in Nigeria, promising users huge returns on investment. One of such company is We-goodluck.com.

We-goodluck claims to be a global company that was established on February 1, 2010. It operates as a supplier and operator of office spaces, primarily generating revenue by providing office space solutions. WeWork’s core concept is to offer shared office spaces that are accessible to individuals and businesses worldwide. It is notable for being one of the pioneers in the co-working space industry.

How To Join We-goodluck.com

Joining We-goodluck.com is relatively straightforward:

  • Visit the official We-goodluck.com website.
  • Provide your mobile phone number.
  • Create a password and confirm it.
  • Complete the registration process by entering the verification code.
  • Click the ‘Register Now’ button.


How to Make Money on We-goodluck.com

We-goodluck.com’s income-generation model revolves around purchasing virtual products, each of which yields hourly income based on its value. To start earning on this platform, you must become a registered member. After successful registration, you receive a welcome bonus of VIP 0, which provides N5 bonus hourly (N120 daily).

To unlock full earning potential, you’ll need to subscribe to virtual products. These products are available at various price points, ranging from N2,000 to N7,000,000, with hourly income ranging from N5.20 to N18,229. The higher the product’s value, the greater your daily earnings, but it’s important to invest wisely.

Additionally, you can make extra money through We-goodluck.com’s referral program. Inviting new members using your unique referral link can be a lucrative way to increase your earnings.

We-goodluck.com Investment Plans

We-goodluck.com offers a range of VIP plans, each with its own price and hourly income:

VIP 1: Price – N2,000, Hourly income – N5.20
VIP 2: Price – N5,000, Hourly income – N11.57
VIP 3: Price – N15,000, Hourly income – N31.25
VIP 4: Price – N50,000, Hourly income – N94.69
VIP 5: Price – N100,000, Hourly income – N173.61
VIP 6: Price – N200,000, Hourly income – N347.22
VIP 7: Price – N600,000, Hourly income – N1136.36
VIP 8: Price – N1,000,000, Hourly income – N2,083.33
VIP 9: Price – N20,000,000, Hourly income – N1136.36
VIP 10: Price – N7,000,000, Hourly income – N18,229.16

Make Money on We-goodluck.com Through Referrals

We-goodluck.com offers a referral program that allows you to earn commissions by inviting new members to join the platform using your unique referral link. When your referrals make a payment on the platform, you receive a referral commission. Sharing your referral link on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp can help you attract more referrals.

Is We-goodluck.com Legit or Scam?

We-goodluck.com’ operates as a Ponzi scheme, a model known for its high risk of collapsing at any time.

Update: We-goodluck has collapsed in July, 2023

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